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Residential Termite Control in Mesa Az – Bills Pest Termite Control provides expert residential termite control in Mesa Az.  Our services are safe, effective and affordable.  If you have a problem with termites we can help.  Our residential termite control in Mesa Az services are designed to immediately stop termites from damaging your structure and providing long term protection.  Don’t ignore a problem with termites.  It will not go away.  The termites will continue feed on your home 24-7.

“Everyday 100s of homeowners come under attack from Mesa termites.”

Got termites? Need Residential Termite Control in Mesa Az? We can help! If you don’t already have them…you will eventually. Mesa is the Grand Canyon State’s third largest city and home to all 17 species of Arizona termites. Every day 100s of Mesa area homes come under attack from one or more species. Because of the cryptic nature many of these infestations will go years and maybe decades before visible structural damage signals their presence. Estimates of yearly damage caused in the Mesa area is nearly a billion dollars. This does not include loss of resale value that many homes will experience. Residential Termite Control in Mesa Az services are in demand.

Mesa termites come in all sizes, shapes, colors and types. Depending upon the species the attack can come from above ground, via flight, be inadvertently brought in or they can secretly tunnel in from underground. Even more frightening is that more than one species can attack the same home simultaneously. Homeowners looking to protect their most prized possession…their home…often needlessly shell out thousands of dollars in preventative type services. More often preventative type services will be a waste of hard earned money and it’s best to wait until you have a problem before considering any residential termite control Mesa Az service.

It’s understandable that a homeowner wants to be proactive and stop any threat dead in its tracks. To protect your home the best approach is to get a yearly Mesa termite inspection. A good inspection should uncover any visible evidence of infestation and point out areas around your home that are conducive to future infestation. If no evidence is found correcting conditions around your home that invite nesting termites is a great investment. Often this is all a homeowner has to do to keep these critters away.

Because not all termites in Mesa are the same, effective services will vary by species and unfortunately there is not one treatment that protects against all types of Mesa termites. For example treating the soil along the outside foundation is effective for stopping most subterranean types of termites in that area, however it will do little, if anything to deter a Western Dry wood termite infestation. That same service done on the outside provides little protection from Heterotermes or Western Damp wood termites. Since effective Mesa termite treatments are specific to each species, properly identifying the target species is critical to eliminating any infestation. Paying for a preventative type termite treatment can be a waste of hard earned money, leave a consumer with a false sense of security and needless exposure to harsh pesticides.

Consumers are cautioned…just as termites are different…not all exterminators are the same. Most Mesa exterminators are only licensed and experienced with General pests. These exterminators have little if any knowledge about Mesa termites. Even exterminators with a termite license should be carefully screened as not many have experience/training dealing with all types of termites in Mesa. Without this necessary training and/or experience most exterminators will miss the subtle signs of infestation left by less common types of Mesa termites. Missing an active infestation is a recipe for disaster.

Getting a yearly termite inspection and correcting conditions conducive to infestation are the best steps a homeowner can take to protect their home. If and when they’re found is the time to consider a Mesa termite treatment service. The right service should be specific to the invading species with consideration given to the construction type of the home and surrounding environment. The service should include periodic follow up inspections and provisions for continued service should re-infestation occur. Yearly follow up inspections to ensure the service is effective and that another species has not invaded is critical. Consumers purchasing long term treatment warranties are advised to ensure yearly inspections are included in the service.

Licensed exterminators are required to use only products designed for the targeted pest. All products approved for termite control will kill termites effectively. Consumers often get sidetracked in their quest to get rid of termites by focusing on which brand product the exterminator uses. Prices on products designed to kill termites are all over the board. Products like Termidor which are heavily marketed can run 5-10 times the cost of other effective products. Differences in these products are how they kill. Lower cost products typically kill upon contact, while other products like Premise 75 and Termidor kill off the colony in a slow and methodical manner.Mesa Termite Control

Consumers are better served by focusing on the application methods as using the best and/or most expensive product is of no value if it is not properly mixed and/or applied. Using a product a quarter of the cost that is properly mixed and applied is a better value. Homeowners should also inquire about how long the product will provide protection. Using the best and most expensive product is not such a good deal if you have to pay for another application every 3-5 years.

There is little correlation between the price of a termiticide, effectiveness and long term residual. The price of a termite control product is typically determined by how long it has been on the market, if any generic versions are available and/or if there is a competitive product. In short paying for a more expensive termiticide can be a waste of money.

Bills Pest Termite Control is your hometown Mesa Exterminator providing safe, effective services for your home or business at affordable rates. Recommended by local realtors, home inspectors, title companies and our competitors when they encounter an infestation beyond their resources. Homeowners can order a free termite inspection online here or call 602.308.4510 We are Mesa’s Termite Experts. For more information about residential termite control in Mesa Az give us a call.

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