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Powder post beetle heat treatmentBest Powder Post Beetles Treatment Phoenix Az – Looking for Powder Post Beetles treatment Phoenix Arizona services? You’ve come to the right place. Bills Pest Termite Control is your hometown exterminator. We specialize in the detection and removal of all types of wood destroying insects. If you have a problem with Powder Post Beetles we can help!

If you have or suspect a problem with these types of insects call us immediately. Do not ignore the problem it will only get worse. Call a professional exterminator.

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Discovering evidence of Powder Post Beetles can cause more confusion for homeowners than any other structure-infesting pest. Homeowners often receive conflicting information from inexperienced exterminators. In fact, few exterminators have the experience and/or training to accurately detect this pest. Even less know how to properly eradicate this pest.

Opinions among inexperienced exterminators as to the cause can vary when viewing damage and subtle bits of evidence. Mistakes also are made in determining if the infestation is active and if so, how it should be managed. Incorrect information results in unnecessary treatment and expense, or a failure to protect the client’s property.

Experienced exterminators can immediately spot evidence of Powder Post Beetles. Depending upon the type of infestation and location a good exterminator can prescribe a custom Powder Post Beetles Treatment Phoenix Arizona service. Our services are designed to immediately eradicate the problem. With an effective initial treatment to all infested areas the risk of re-infestation is minimal.

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Although they do well in Metro Phoenix, Powder Post beetles are not considered a “native species.” Calls for infestations are not nearly as common as with termites. Still we see a steady yearly increase in the demand for Powder Post Beetles Treatment Phoenix Arizona.

Powder Post Beetle Larvae

Powder Post Beetle Larvae

The average infestation we see consists of some type of wood product or furniture that originates from Mexico, Central America or the Far East. When the infestation is caught early treatment can be confined to the infested wood. Ignoring an infestation is a recipe for disaster. In little time the infestation can spread throughout a home and require $1000 in eradication services and repairs. Don’t ignore a problem with Powder Post Beetles!

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The best Powder Post Beetles treatment Phoenix Az methods and options will vary depending upon the type of infestation and location(s). The use of natural heat and or cold, when properly done can be effective. Fumigation is effective, although because of the expense and health risks should be a last resort option. Chemical application can be effective if there are means to get the product deep into nesting areas. Chemical applications may involve multiple treatments.

If you have a problem with this menace start with a courtesy inspection. We can confirm if you have a problem and advise on the best methods for elimination. For more information about Powder Post Beetles treatment Phoenix Az services give us a call today. We can help.

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