Phoenix Termite Treatment – Get rid of the termites today with affordable Phoenix Termite Treatment services from Bills Pest Termite Control.  Family owned and locally operated we are Arizona’s Termite Experts!

“Termites do more damage annually than fire, floods and storms combined.”

The Metro yellow pages have hundreds of listings under Phoenix Termite Treatment. Most Phoenix Termite exterminators have been in business for only a few years … many (80%) will not be around in 20 years. During the last real estate and construction boom…several pest control only exterminators entered the Phoenix termite treatment market hoping to make a fast buck.

The increased competition opened the door to lower prices and cut-rate services along with longer warranties. Several upstarts offered $300 Phoenix termite treatments with 10-15 year warranties. If properly treated an average size home in Phoenix may require over $300 in chemical costs alone.  A 10-15 year termite treatment Phoenix warranty is useless when the exterminator is no longer around to service the customer.

Bill’s Termite Treatment Phoenix service is family owned and locally operated by Arizona natives familiar with all types of Arizona termites. We know Arizona termites! Bill’s Termite Control Phoenix provides safe, effective termite control services at reasonable rates for your home or business. Bill’s Phoenix Termite Control has been a trusted name in Arizona termite control for over 30 years and will continue to service Arizona for generations to come. While our prices are competitive (we don’t have Nationwide overhead) many competitors advertise they will do anything to be the cheapest (“We will beat any termite treatment by 10 or 15 percent!”). Compromising quality for a quick buck is not our way of doing business! If you want a quality treatment at a price you can trust, Bill’s Phoenix Termite Treatment service is your exterminator.

When you consider Arizona has several species of termites along with not every home is constructed the same, it’s obvious that every termite infestation should not be treated the same. Each home should be thoroughly inspected with a specialized treatment prescribed. We offer FREE termite inspection Phoenix services, estimates, and second opinions. Our inspectors will leave you with a written quote and diagram showing areas of infestation(s).

Got termites?  If you suspect termites…the first step is to order our termite inspection Phoenix service.  Bill’s Phoenix Termite Treatment service provides free termite inspections.  A Free Termite Inspection Phoenix can determine if you have a termite infestation and the inspector can properly identify the species of termites invading your home. For more information about Phoenix termite treatment services give us a call.

Depending upon which expert you talk with…17 to 25 different types of termites have been reported in the Phoenix area.

If you see mud tubes, along your stem wall or inside the home check out  Subterranean Termites

If you see fecal pellets or dried material in a cone shape check out  Drywood Termites

If you see moist fecal pellets or material in wood galleries check out  Dampwood termites

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