Order Termite Inspection ReportPhoenix Termite Inspection – Looking for a Phoenix Termite Inspection? We can help.  Bills Pest Termite Control is your hometown exterminator and Arizona’s Termite Experts.  We provide free yearly termite inspections, second opinions, refinancing reports and inspection reports for escrow transactions.  Our services are affordable and often available the same day.

“Phoenix has two types of homes…those with termites and those that are going to get termites!”

Just finding a suitable home in Phoenix to purchase can be a challenge for you and your family. Making the final purchase decision and committing to years of payments can be even more difficult. Getting a good Phoenix termite inspection may provide the necessary information that can be helpful in making the right buying decision,

Phoenix is home to at least 17 species of termites. It takes a trained and experienced inspector to detect the presence of hidden termites and damage. Most exterminators are familiar with our more common native species of subterranean termites and often miss evidence of less common Arizona termites. This can be costly for a Phoenix home buyer as the missed termites and damage would have affected the initial buying decision and the costs for repairs falls at the feet of the new homeowner.

Bills Phoenix Termite Inspection service is Arizona’s termite experts. For over three generations Bills has been a trusted name in termite control inspections services. Bills provides safe, effective termite control services for your home or business. We have experience and training with all types of termites found in Arizona. We know Arizona termites.

Our Phoenix Termite Inspection service includes having one of our experienced experts thoroughly inspecting and probing the structure inside and out. Our inspectors concentrate their inspection on areas conducive to termite infestation. We provide a detailed inspection report along with a diagram of the structure(s) listing areas of infestation and/or areas conducive to infestation. Some termite reports may include pictures to help you locate areas of concern. All Phoenix Termite Inspection reports are computer generated, detailed and easy to read. If termites are noted during your Phoenix Termite Inspection we will include a treatment proposal outlining areas to be treated along with a renewable service warranty.

When you select Bill’s Phoenix Termite Inspection service you gain peace of mind…knowing that if termites infest your new home within 30 days of our inspection…we will treat the home at no charge and include a one year renewable warranty.$50 Termite Inspection Report

Everyday 1000s of homes come under attack from termites.  Even more frightening is many of these infestations will not be discovered for months, years or even decades.  Often the first sign of infestation is when a homeowner stumbles across hidden damage.  By then repair costs can be expensive and the resale value of a home has taken a hit.

Experienced exterminators recommend that every home and business be inspected at least once a year for these critters.  Homes recently treated and/or with a history should be inspected to ensure the service is still effective and that another species has not invaded.

Because Arizona termites are so different effective eradication must be specific to each species.  Getting a preventative type treatment does not provide protection against all types of termites and often leaves a homeowner with a false sense of security.  Getting a yearly inspection from an experienced exterminator is the best proactive measure a homeowner can take.

When the time comes that you need a Phoenix Termite Inspection don’t take any chances…call Arizona’s Termite Experts…Bills Phoenix Termite Inspection service. We know Arizona termites!

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