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Everyone hates insects; in fact, most people are programmed to hate roaches, but this is not the only insect that people fear. Homes in Phoenix are prone to certain bugs. You should know what bugs these are and what to look for in a good Phoenix pest control company.

Phoenix Pest Control Company

Common Phoenix Insects

One of the most important things a good pest control company will offer customers is knowledge. So, a good Phoenix pest control company will tell customers the types of bugs to watch out for in their region. The following are some bugs that customers need to be aware of:


A good pest specialist will likely tell you to watch out for the signs of a roach infestation. A cockroach might leave behind egg casings. These casings are light and tiny and resemble the casing of a powdered pill. Another clear sign of a problem is to find roach droppings. These droppings resemble cracked pepper, which makes them hard to spot. The droppings are sometimes mistaken as dirt.

Cockroaches do have an oily or musky smell, which could reveal an issue, but a clear sign of a problem is seeing them dead or alive in a house.

Wasps and Bees

Bees and wasps are easy to see and hear, but what homeowners do not want to find is a nest or beehive. Wasps build umbrella-like paper shell structures on the roof of a home or something similar. Some wasps build nests inside structural cracks. Beehives are easy to spot and resemble bell-like structures. Some wood boring bees like to use wooden structures to keep safe. These structures will be about half an inch thick.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a real nuisance and can be traumatizing. Good pest specialists know just how scary it can be to wake up and see bites all over your body. These little bugs wake up at night and bite a human host to nourish themselves with blood. Bed bugs are the equivalent of vampires in the insect world. Therefore, a good Phoenix pest control company will tell customers to look under the folds of their beds where these insects hide. A bed bug looks like an apple seed but is brown in color.

What Will a Phoenix Pest Control Company do for a Homeowner?

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Dealing with one or two of these pests in a home is not too hard, but an entire infestation is another story. A specialist might use Hydramethylnon-infused bait gels to kill roaches by finding their hiding spots. This ingredient among others should not affect people and are effective.

A pest control specialist can get rid of bees without hurting them. These insects are quite helpful to the earth, and you should avoid killing them at all cost. You can remove wasp nests, but it is quite dangerous if you have no training.

Bed bugs are hard to deal with because they can dig deep into the mattress or other cushioned areas. A specialist should be able to uncover their hiding spaces and remove every one of them. The pest specialist will also treat the area to kill any eggs that might have been left behind.

These types of services and knowledge are just some of the things that one should look for in a professional Phoenix pest control company.

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Phoenix Pest Control Company
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