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Phoenix Packrat Exterminator – How to get rid of Pack Rats in Phoenix Az

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Phoenix Packrat Exterminator – How to get rid of Pack Rats in Phoenix Az – Got pack rats? We can help! Get expert pack rat exterminator services today from your hometown experts – Bills Pest Termite Control.  Our rodent control services are safe, effective, and affordable.  Let Bill’s show you how to get rid of Pack Rats and keep them from coming back. #1 Phoenix Packrat exterminator – Bill’s Pest Control.

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Pack Rats are considered by many to be the rodent equivalent of human hoarders. Packrats have lent their name to humans who won’t throw anything anyway. They make stick nests that they jumble up with food, waste, and other debris, as well as the things they collect. When they live near humans, their collections can include silverware, shoes, bits of clothing, newspapers, even pieces of the traps set out for them. They’ve also been called trade rats because they “trade” an object on the way home for something they like better.

Native Phoenix packrats have roamed the Sonoran Desert for hundreds of years. Their appearance is slightly different than other types of rats. Pack Rats have long tails covered in soft fur, white feet, and underbelly. Arizona Packrats can grow up to 8 inches in length. Get rid of the rodents today with affordable Phoenix Packrat exterminator services from Bill’s Pest Control.

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Given the nature of this pest, it’s not surprising that this desert dweller is comfortable taking up residence in homes and structures.  Like most pests’ structures in the desert provide much-needed moisture, shelter, and food sources.  Minimizing these basics can sharply reduce the risk of infestation.

Phoenix Packrat habits and habitat

packrat infestationPackrats differ greatly from most wildlife in that they often live alone. A single packrat can give birth every six to eight weeks. Litters can vary from 2-6 offspring. Those offspring can be ready to reproduce in 6-8 weeks after birth. It does not take a math genius to realize a large infestation can happen seemingly overnight.

Packrats in Arizona are nest builders that generally choose high cliffs, caves, or tree branches when in the wild. In the home or structure, they naturally attracted to attics and other high areas. When building a nest, pack rats will use any and all available debris or materials.

Arizona Packrats coming to a structure near you?

These Packrats have long been part of the Sonoran Desert ecosystem. When homes and structures invade their natural habitat, it does not take long for them to migrate to better opportunities. Everyday Life in the desert is challenging and hard. They face constant pressure to find food and hide from predators.

Noisy rats

This rodent can be very vocal and noisy, especially when building a nest. This noise is often what alerts owners to the possibility of an infestation. Excessive noise can be an annoyance for homeowners.

Packrats are a health risk

This pest can carry parasites and diseases, which can be a threat to pets and people. Packrat urine and feces can also cause disease. Their nests are often covered in urine and feces, making it dangerous to remove nests without the help of a professional. Packrat nests may also harbor spiders, scorpions, fleas, ticks, and kissing bugs.

Packrat damage

how to get rid of packratsThis type of rat does not usually bite. To some, they are cute and cuddly. Do not be fooled. The damage a packrat can do to your property makes this pest a real hazard. Since pack rats often get into attics and other enclosed areas of the structures, extensive damage to wiring and insulation is common. Although they make nests outside, they go indoors mainly to chew. Chewing electrical wiring has been known to cause structure fires.

Packrats may also damage items stored in nesting areas and use materials for nests. Anything stored in areas where pack rats have nested runs the risks of being contaminated with packrat feces or urine.

How to get rid of Packrats in Phoenix

Controlling pack rat infestations starts with making a structure pack rat resistant and being less attractive.

Using poison or baits to control pack rat infestations in Arizona is discouraged. Packrats are on the lower end of the food chain and serve as natural prey for other desert wildlife. The poison used to kill the pack rat will kill predators which can unintentionally result in a larger pack rat infestation in the area. Live trapping by a licensed professional is recommended for packrat infestations.

How to control Pack Rats

Live trapping is generally considered to be the most effective and humane way to control pack rat infestations. Traps are set in and around areas with nests. Rodent exterminators check the traps periodically to remove and release the rats. This service continues until all rats have been successfully removed.

How to eliminate Packrats

phoenix pack ratsAfter the packrat infestation has been eliminated, it is critical to take steps to prevent re-infestation. Entry points to the structure should be identified and sealed. Outside food and moisture sources should be removed. Packrat nests should also be removed by professionals and the area should be sanitized and cleaned well.

Get rid of pack rats today with professional service from your hometown packrat exterminator – Bill’s Pest Control.

Bill’s rodent experts can control rodents and help you know how to keep them from coming back. If you think you’ve got rodents at your home or business, contact us today. #1 Phoenix Packrat Exterminator.

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Skyler and Loretta did a great job getting rid of the pack rats living in our garage. The service was thorough and a bargain. Good people to work with. Straight forward and honest.

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