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Get bed bug help todayPhoenix Bed Bugs – A “harrowing experience” is defined as: being frightening, chilling, or disturbing, and/or emotionally unpleasant. This pretty much sums up the nightmare one can experience when they awake to micro-sized bugs sucking blood out of their body. 

A common, and understandable reaction is to grab a can of bug spray and go to work killing every one of the critters.  This will at best provide temporary relief short-term.  Long-term it will make the problem worse.  Bed bugs are Beetles.  They have a hard-shell like body that provides short-term protection from most insecticides.   

While that may sound good in that the critters will die, it’s what these micro sized blood suckers do before their final demise that makes spraying strong insecticides a waste of time.  They will sense death is approaching and go into “reproductive mode” laying new eggs.  The next generation is born with some resistance to that insecticide and subsequent generations will be almost immune. 

If you are having a problem with Phoenix Bed Bugs it’s best to resist the temptation to spray and call a professional exterminator ASAP. 

Calls for Phoenix Bed Bugs services have been increasing for the last 10 years.  Twenty years ago, we would average 3-6 for the entire year.  Today we average that many calls a day.  Busy days can see 15-20 inquires.  Without a doubt Phoenix Bed Bugs have become a public menace. 

Based upon our experiences most infestations can be traced to overnight travel, entertaining overnight guests and unknowingly bringing infested furniture/mattresses into a home.  Consumers can reduce risk by using caution.  Keeping luggage off hotel beds and floors is advised.  Carefully inspecting used furniture before bringing it into a home is wise. 

Getting bed bugs is easy, getting rid of them does not have to be difficult.  Consumers have an array of exterminators and treatment methods to choose from.  Caution and research is recommended.  Not all exterminators are equal.  Infestations can be unique and treatment results can range from it worked to it did not work. 

What do bed bugs look like - How Do I know if I have bed bugs?Heat treatments for Phoenix Bed Bugs are popular and expensive.  In the right situation, this option can yield the desired results.  Consumers should understand this type of service provides no residual protection against re-infestation.  To obtain the desired results the treatment must be perfect.  Missing one bug or the eggs will nullify the treatment and the consumer will be back to square one in no time.  Follow up inspections and/or monitoring is strongly advised. 

Cold treatments are a little more of a challenge in Arizona and generally only advised for isolated infestations. 

Phoenix Bed Bugs Liquid treatments using the right products are gaining popularity in Arizona.  While that do not benefit from the “Natural” moniker that Heat/Cold options have they provide consumers with an affordable option.  Liquid type treatments can provide immediate relief while providing protection against re-infestation.  Exterminators must be selective on what and where products are applied.  Follow up treatments and/or inspections are advised. 

Treatment preparations is another issue for consumers to consider.  Removing items, clothing and furniture before service can create a problem with the potential to spread the infestation.  If clothing is to be removed it should be placed in a dryer cycle for at least 20 minutes and then bagged to prevent re-infestation. 

Consumers are best served using encasements on mattresses and especially box springs.  The results from homes treated for Phoenix Bed Bugs with versus without encasements sends a strong message – ENCASE-ENCASE-ENCASE!!! 

Bills Pest Termite Control is your hometown Arizona exterminator.  Family owned and locally operated we are Arizona’s Bed Bug experts.  Our services are safe, effective and affordable.  Most include a renewable warranty so you will have peace of mind knowing that if the critters come back, we come back.   

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