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Pest Elimination Phoenix – Got bugs? We can help! Get affordable Pest Elimination Phoenix services from your hometown exterminator – Bills Pest Control.  Family owned and locally operated we are experts at eradicating Arizona pests. Don’t let the pests steal you peace of mind. If you have a problem with Arizona pests give us a call today. We provide free evaluations. Let us put you on the road to living pest free. #1 Phoenix Pest Exterminator.

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“If you are only seeing one or two bugs…there are a couple hundred that you are not seeing!”

The lower elevations of Arizona and particularly the Phoenix metro area is home to over 11,000 unique desert pests.  Like humans insects need an ample supply of water (moisture), food and shelter from our brutal sun.  Out in desert areas finding nesting areas that provides these three essentials is difficult for insects.  Even when found competition from other insects made maintaining nesting areas a challenge.  As a result pest populations in the desert were kept in check.

With construction of new homes and businesses in desert areas the scales have been tipped in favor of  insects resulting in exploding pest populations.  Homes provide a steady source of moisture, shelter and food opportunities.  They become magnets to desert insects and eventually they begin foraging inside homes looking for additional opportunities for exploding pest populations.  The demand for pest elimination Phoenix services is currently at all time levels.

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ant controlMost of us have busy lives and often miss the signs of a pending infestation.  It’s not until we wake up to find creepy crawlers on a counter top of scurrying across the tile that we realize the need for pest elimination Phoenix services.  That’s when we race to the computer to find a legitimate exterminator that can solve the infestation quickly, at an affordable price and without exposing the entire household to toxic chemicals.

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phoenix pest eliminationBills Pest Control provides the most thorough and effective pest control services in the Phoenix area, hands down. When we arrive on site the first time, your service technician will do a complete inspection to determine areas of infestation and conditions that are favorable to pest activity. Then we will begin protecting your home with our award winning pest services which are designed to cover a wide range of Arizona insects and pest.

Bills Pest Control will ALWAYS:

  • Inspect the interior of your home and apply materials as necessary.
  • Service the exterior extensively to establish a protective barrier.
  • Treat cracks with dust material.
  • Address weep holes with dust.
  • Inspect the exterior and inside, treating as needed.
  • Send a licensed Specialist who has passed a thorough background check and is specifically trained to deal with Arizona pests.
  • Service your home as if it were our own.
  • Identify conditions conducive to nesting insects and offer solutions.

Plus, if you have pest return between visits, just give us a call and we will return at no additional charge. Give us a call or contact us by email today, and let us show you how Bills Pest Control has been keeping Arizonan’s pest-free for over 20 years.

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