Luke AFB pest controlLuke AFB Pest Control

Give ‘em moisture, shelter from the sun, and insects near Luke Air Force Base will thrive!

Luke AFB is located in the heart of the Sonoran Desert and home to over 11,000 species of Arizona insects. Everything from poisonous spiders, lizards and scorpions thrive near Luke AFB. Mild winter temperatures, wet springs, and monsoon storms in the fall make the Luke AFB area ideal for Arizona insects. In recent years once moderate insect pressure around Luke AFB has exploded with new construction providing additional moisture sources and shelter from the Arizona heat.

Maintaing a “bug free home” near Luke AFB is almost impossible…short of endangering your health with harsh chemicals.

However…with experience, combined with knowledge, and frequent service, you can keep the bugs out of your Luke AFB home while keeping outside pests to a manageable level.

Bills Luke AFB Pest Control is the exterminator with the experience and knowledge to handle all your Luke AFB pest control needs. Family owned and operated by Arizona natives…we provide safe, effective pest control services by experienced service technicians at affordable rates.

Bills Luke AFB Pest Control service does not require a signed contract…as we are confident in earning your continued business with our friendly service technicians and their outstanding service.

Not all Luke AFB exterminators are equal. Bills Luke AFB Pest Control stands above because we care and reflect that care in our work every day.

We care enough to take the time to carefully evaluate every pest infestation to determine the safest, most effective method to eliminate your infestation.

We care enough to only provide the necessary services you need…nothing more…nothing less.

We care enough to use the safest products available, only in the quantity necessary to get the job done without exposing your family and pets to unnecessary chemicals.

We care enough to provide the best service technicians trained in the latest methods and products to eliminate your pest infestation.

We care enough to guarantee our pest service for 30 days after the initial application…if the bugs come back…we come back until the infestation is eliminated!

Luke AFB area homeowners should be careful when selecting a pest control service. Untrained and inexperienced service technicians can needlessly expose you, your family and/or pets to dangerous chemicals without eliminating your pest infestation. Almost anyone equipped with a sprayer can apply pesticides…it takes a professional exterminator to know what pesticide(s) to apply, where to apply the pesticide and why.

Don’t compromise your safety or that of your family and pets. Don’t waste your hard earned money on ineffective pest services. When the time comes that you will need a pest control company…and that time will eventually come in Arizona…call Bill’s Luke AFB Pest Control service…We know Arizona bugs!

Contact our Luke AFB Pest Control Division @ 602.308.4509