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“If you live in Phoenix you had better have a good exterminator no more than a phone call away!”

The Metro Phoenix area is home to at least 11,000 different types of desert insects. Most of these insects are harmless and only become a nuisance when population numbers increase and cause them to cross paths with homeowners. Large populations of nuisance insects will attract predator type insects often referred to as biters and stingers. When these critters show up the situation rapidly changes from nuisance to a health threat. It’s often said that the need for pest control Phoenix Arizona services are lurking just outside your home.

As anyone who has lived in Phoenix long enough knows well, those spiders that home and business owners often encounter are not small, harmless arachnids and often resemble something out of a science-fiction movie. Spiders in our Sonoran Desert tend to be large, scary-looking, and often venomous. For example, is not unheard of for homeowners who live in the Phoenix area to encounter tarantulas roaming free in or around their homes. While larger spiders can naturally cause homeowners concern, its often smaller spiders that pose the greatest health risk.

The service technicians at Bills Pest Control Phoenix Arizona, a family owned and locally operated exterminator, understand how disconcerting and even frightening it can be to come face to face with spiders in or around your home. That is why Bills Pest Control provides advice and tips that will help homeowners get rid of the 8-legged invaders.

Although many people might be tempted to go with the ole “throw a shoe and run” method of spider elimination, being educated about how Arizona spiders act and how to safely eliminate them is half the battle. “Placing glue boards in certain entry points that lead to the outside of the home is one good way to stop spiders from coming in your home,” the experts at Bills Pest Control Phoenix Arizona advise, noting that checking all closets and dark spaces frequently can help prevent people from being surprised by these creepy crawlies.

Pest Control Service Phoenix AzFor people who do encounter a tarantula in their home, we suggests staying away from the spider, or spiders, keeping in mind that tarantulas typically display certain behaviors before they bite people or pets. Before biting, tarantulas may signal their intention to attack by rearing up into a ‘threat posture’, which may involve raising their prosoma and lifting their front legs into the air, spreading and extending their fangs, and sometimes making a loud hissing by stridulating. The tarantula’s next step, short of biting, may be to slap down on the intruder with their raised front legs. If that response fails to deter the attacker, the tarantulas may next turn away and flick urticating hairs. If the tarantula cannot then leave the scene entirely, or if it feels trapped, its final response may also be to whirl suddenly and bite.

Although some tarantulas are known to give “dry bites,” a defense bite that does not include pumping any venom into a person or pet, these bites can still be painful.

Getting rid of spiders can be a tricky process. Experienced Phoenix exterminators know that spiders are predatory and by eliminating their food sources, other bugs, along with cleaning up nesting areas and proper placement of pesticides spiders can be controlled. When all else fails and people continue to have issues with arachnids, they can always trust the professionals at Bills Pest Control Phoenix Arizona to keep their homes spider-free all year long.

For three generations Bills Pest Control Phoenix Arizona has been getting rid of annoying pests that infiltrate area homes and businesses. Bills Phoenix exterminator services are so recognized that it has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, ranking as the #1 pest control Phoenix exterminator for the last 7 years. With these recognitions, Phoenix home and business owners will be assured of receiving the best Phoenix pest control services possible. For more information about pest Control Phoenix Arizona services call our Phoenix Pest Control division @ 602.308.4509

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