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Looking for pest control near me? We can help.  Bills Pest Control is your hometown Phoenix exterminator.  If you are having problems with Arizona bugs we are just a phone call away.  Family owned and locally operated we can get you on the road to living in a pest free environment.  Our services are safe, effective and affordable.

There is more to eradicating insects than grabbing a can of raid and haphazardly spraying away.  At best “spray and pray” will kill a few bugs and maybe provide a homeowner with a temporary sense of relief.  At worse an entire household will be needlessly exposed to harsh chemicals.  Almost certainly the critters will come back.  Often in even greater numbers.  Most homeowners are best served hiring a professional exterminator.

Chances are you arrived on this page by searching the internet for pest control near me.  Luckily you arrived at the internet home of Arizona’s Pest Experts.  Not all exterminators are the same.  It takes years of experience, knowledge and training to understand how to eradicate the unique pests that thrive in Arizona.  Not all pest control companies have and/or care to acquire the knowledge. Online pest control quoteSpraying strong chemicals in and around a home can eliminate pests.  In a matter of weeks, the pests reappear.  Often in greater numbers.  This plays right into the hands of many exterminators as they expect a call for continued service.  The spray and call back cycle continues until the cold weather arrives.  When warm weather arrives, the cycle starts again.

Getting rid of pests and providing long term relief it what separates Bills Pest Control from other exterminators.  Our experienced technicians start service with a thorough inspection.  We properly identify target pests so that we can use specific products.  Locating and eliminating nesting areas is critical to achieving long term relief.  Identifying and correcting conditions conducive will reduce the need for harsh chemicals.  Eliminating entry points to your home is critical.  Finally, our technicians will establish a continuous barrier around your home to keep the critters away.  Using a combination of repellant products, baits and dusts we can assure our customers of immediate relief.

If you are looking for the best value in pest control near me services – Bills Pest Control is the answer you seek.  More than 100,000 valley residents have put their trust in Bills Pest Control. Give us a call today.

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