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pest control quoteBills Pest Control El Mirage is your hometown exterminator providing guaranteed protection that addresses not just the pests you see, but the ones that are hidden.  Professional exterminators know there is more to achieving effective pest control than spraying harsh chemicals around a home.  In fact, depending upon the target insect(s), spraying strong chemicals can make the problem worse and needlessly expose your household to pesticides.

Whether the infestation is from ants, cockroaches, spiders, crickets or scorpions effective control should start with a thorough inspection by an experienced exterminator.  A good inspection allows a professional pest control El Mirage exterminator to customize a service plan based upon the target insect(s), areas of infestation, construction style of the home and surrounding environment.

“For every pest you see, there are usually hundreds lurking just out of sight.” 

Pests around your home typically come in all sizes, shapes, colors and types.  Effective eradication requires using the right combination of products and baits.  Proper identification of target insects allows a professional exterminator to use the safest and most effective products.

Our initial service inside the home gets to the pests you see and the pests you don’t.  The exterior of the home is treated to help prevent new infestations and eliminate nesting areas.  Regular service maintains the perimeter protection and helps keep the pests away.

If you’re having an insect problem call upon Arizona’s experts to provide specialized services to fight your biggest pest challenges from crickets to bed bugs and everything in between.  Most services are guaranteed so you have peace of mind that if the critters re-infest we will come back.

Bills Pest Control El Mirage provides safe, effective exterminator services for your home and business at affordable rates.  Bills has been a trusted name in Arizona for three generations.  For more information or to schedule a free evaluation give us a call today.

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