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Best Pest Control Carefree Az Exterminator Service – Looking for Pest Control Carefree Az exterminator services? We can help.  Bills Pest Termite Control is family owned and locally operated.  We are experts at eradicating all types of Arizona pests.  Our services are safe, very effective, and affordable.  Call us today.  Let us get you back on the road to living pest-free.

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“If you build it and they will come including the bugs!” 


While that line is taken from Kevin Costner’s 1989 classic “Field of Dreams” it may well apply to homes in Carefree Arizona. Long before most homes were constructed in the Carefree area more than 11,000 unique insects were scattered across the raw desert.  Insect populations were kept in check by competition for vital resources such as moisture, food, and shelter from the Arizona sun.

New home construction provides new opportunities for moisture, shelter from the sun, and a steady food source. In other words, homes in the desert are a magnet for pests.  As a result of growth and new construction, the demand for pest control Carefree Az services has never been greater.

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carefree pest exterminatorEffective pest control Carefree Az exterminator service involves more than just spraying strong pesticides in and around a structure.  In fact, spraying alone will only provide temporary relief and needlessly expose a household to harsh chemicals.

Many pests found in the desert are “social insects.” Meaning they live in colonies and are divided into groups with different duties and responsibilities.  Each group is dependent upon the other.  A good example of social insects is ants.  If you (spray) kill most of the ants seen wandering about your home the colony will sense the loss and kick into a reproductive mode to offset the loss.  Within 4-6 weeks the colony will replace the loss with even more insects.  Re-spraying the visible insects will only start the process over again.  Many exterminators like this approach to pest control Carefree Az service as it guarantees repeat business.

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Pest Control trained techniciansProfessional Carefree exterminators know the best approach is a combination of spraying, baiting, eliminating entry points, and correcting conditions conducive to nesting. Following this approach will provide long term relief and minimize exposure to harsh chemicals.

Bills Pest Termite Control is your hometown exterminator providing safe, effective pest control Carefree Az services at affordable rates.  For more information about Carefree Pest Control services give us a call. The sooner you call, the sooner we can get you back to living in a pest-free home. Bed Bug Pest Control.

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