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Got bugs? Looking for the best Pest Control Az exterminator? Lucky for you that search has brought you to the home of Arizona’s pest control experts.

The Grand Canyon State is home to over 11,000 different species of desert pests and has also been referred to as the Venomous Capital of the World and home to several species of scorpions, venomous spiders, snakes and poisonous toads.  As the population has grown the demand for pest control Az services has increased.

“Arizona is the venomous capital of the world!”

Mild winter temperatures, wet springs and monsoon weather in the fall make Arizona an ideal breeding ground for desert insects. New construction has pushed building further into the desert introducing more moisture, shelter and food sources for existing insect populations. As a result once moderate insect pressure(s) have exploded creating a greater demand for pest control Az services. If you don’t already have bugs inside your home…there’s a few thousand waiting to invade. Sooner or later your going to need the services of a good pest control Az exterminator!pest control arizona

Bills Pest Termite Control provides safe, effective pest control services for your home or business at affordable rates. We are family owned and locally operated by Arizona natives familiar with the unique pests that inhabit our Sonoran Desert. We provide complete pest and termite control services and have been a trusted name in exterminating for nearly three decades. You can trust that we will only offer the services that you need…no up-selling, hidden fees or unnecessary services. Bill’s does require a signed contract or commitment to a long term service plan as a condition of service. Our prices are fair and we back up each service with a guarantee. If your bugs come back…we come back.

With Bill’s Pest Control Az service your assured of getting the experience it takes to quickly identify and eliminate all your pest problems. Our service technicians have the experience and know which products will be the most effective, where to place the product and how much. Saving you…your family…pets and customers…from needless exposure to harsh chemicals.

Keeping a pest free home can be a challenge for homeowners. Pest control chemicals can be harsh, unsafe, and ineffective for all insects. Don’t risk the safety of your family and pets. Don’t waste your hard earned money on ineffective chemicals.

Most anyone can mix a batch of pesticide and walk around a home spraying for bugs. It takes a trained/experienced exterminator to properly identify the pests around your home. Once the pests are identified an experienced exterminator knows what products (and amount of that product) it will take to eliminate the infestation without needless exposure to pesticides.

An experienced exterminator knows how to eliminate interior infestations while maintaining exterior pests to manageable levels. Not all pest infestations are the same…nor should they be treated the same. Arizona pests are unique… just as the environment(s) they infest. Prior to any pest control application a good exterminator will inspect to determine the target pest(s) and select the best product to use. Consideration is given to safety risks…such as family members, and pets.

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