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Get bed bug help todayPeoria Arizona Bed Bug Expert – Do you have a bed bug problem? We can help! Welcome to the internet home of your hometown Peoria Arizona bed bug expert – Bills Pest Control. We provide safe, effective and affordable service that eliminates the entire infestation and gets you back on the road to a good night’s sleep. For immediate relief call us today. The sooner you call the sooner we can eliminate the problem.

How to get rid of bed bugsPlease do NOT feel embarrassed if you have bed bugs. Bed bugs have nothing to do with sanitation, nor are they associated with having a dirty home. Bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers. You or anyone in your family, or a guest visiting can bring a pregnant female bed bug home from just about anywhere at any time. Bed bugs are known to not only frequent hotels, but are also very prevalent in college dorm rooms, resorts, movie theaters, cabs, busses, gyms, school locker areas, nursing homes, and just about any imaginable place that people frequently rest or sleep. You can even have them brought into your home by friends or family members who have an issue themselves but are just too embarrassed to say anything or have anything done about it. Take back control of your home and allow your Peoria Arizona bed bug expert to make your home pest free again!

The bad news: You’ve discovered or you suspect you have bed bugs, and you’ve heard stories about how difficult bed bug extermination is. You may have even heard that it’s impossible to exterminate bed bugs once they have entered your home.

The good news: Not true! Bills Pest Control has successfully use bedbug control treatment methods in all kinds of buildings; from large multi-unit dwellings to single family homes. Our bed bugs control and extermination program works. If fact most services come with a renewable warranty so you have peace of mind that if these little monsters come back…we come back!

How do I tell if I have Bed BugsBefore considering any bed bug pest control services it’s best to start with a FREE INSPECTION from a Peoria Arizona bed bug expert. This is important as we field calls from concerned homeowners that believe they are under attack from bed bugs only to discover a similar looking insect is the culprit.   It would be a shame to pay for a needless service. Start with a FREE INSPECTION.

If the critters are discovered Bills Pest Control has a wide array of treatment methods ranging from traditional services using safe and/or natural products to chemical free heat or cold treatments. Just as not every infestation will be the same, customer needs and the surrounding environment can dictate the best treatment method.

Traditional bedbug control involves applying residual insecticide barriers and waiting for the insect to cross the barrier. Industry research and experience has repeatedly shown that this approach alone may not be enough for today’s resistant bed bugs. Modern treatment techniques and technologies need to be combined in a comprehensive program. We know what you want…results…so we have put our effort into developing new bed bug control protocols. Service protocols derived from years of experience that actually work.

Bed Bug Pest ControlOur bedbug pest control methods differ from those of most other exterminators. We seek to totally eradicate the problem by locating nesting areas, unhatched eggs, hiding places and treating them directly. We target our application and support those treatments with special nonchemical methods that kill bed bugs and their eggs on contact. But most importantly, our technicians take the time to inspect and service your home thoroughly and completely. They seek out and destroy bed bug adults, nymphs, and eggs that other exterminators miss.

We’ve found that with a precise application most infestations can be eliminated with one service followed up by a two week inspection. Our Peoria Arizona bed bug expert service has the added benefit of being low impact, since we are targeting the insect directly rather than spraying an entire area with insecticide. This direct seek-and-destroy approach, along with our experience and commitment, will give you the results you want. For more information about bed bug pest control Peoria Az services or to schedule a FREE INSPECTION give us a call today.

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