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Mouse Exterminator Phoenix Az – Got mice? Need a professional Mouse exterminator Phoenix Az services? We can help! Mice carry diseases and can cause damage.  Do not ignore a problem with this pest.  It will not go away and often the infestation will get worse.  Bills Pest Termite Control is your hometown exterminator.  We are experts at removing mice.  Our services are safe, effective and affordable.  Call us today for a free evaluation.

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phoenix mouse exterminatorEffectively getting rid of this pest and keeping it from coming back is the job of a profession mouse exterminator. Not all mice are the same. Prior to engaging in any mouse extermination and/or control methods it’s important to properly identify the target pest. Treatment methods that work on one species will not provide the same results for other types of this pest.  Proper identification is critical to achieving success. A professional mouse exterminator can remove mice from your home or business and keep them from coming back.

An infestation of mice and/or other rodents in your home or business puts people and pets at risk.  In short, when a problem is discovered the response should be immediate and thorough.  Getting rid of this pest is not your average do-it-yourself project.  Mice are smart, resourceful and persistent.

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Phoenix exterminatorSuccessful mouse control and removal involves several important steps.  The first step is to properly identify the species.  A thorough inspection is necessary to find entry points and nesting areas.  Entry points should be sealed and/or corrected.  Shrubs, bushes and trees should be trimmed back. (Mice are known to use them as bridges to get into a structure) Food sources, such as exposed pet and human food should be secured. (Mice will eat through paper bags of pet food and cardboard boxes of dry goods) Dirty dishes and spilled food will attract this pest.

Mouse Exterminator Phoenix Az

Entry points to garages should be secured. Mice will nest in parked vehicles.  Mice nesting in vehicles can chew through vehicle wires causing $1000’s in damage repairs.

Given the need to constantly chew mice nesting in walls is a big concern in Arizona. Most of a structures electrical wiring is hidden within wall voids. This makes for a bad combination. Mice nesting in walls can result in damaged appliances and electrical fires.

Consumers are cautioned against using poisons on mice that nest in wall voids.  Dead mice can be difficult to retrieve and result in foul odors.

The most effective way to get rid of mice in walls is to call a professional mouse exterminator – Bills Pest Termite Control.

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Mice are generally shy. They are nocturnal and often difficult to detect. Often the only signs of a problem, short of stumbling across one in the middle of the night, are droppings and chew marks.  Droppings are usually found in and around nesting areas.  They mark their territory.  Odd looking black and brown smear marks are urine.  Mice use urine to mark their runs and for navigation purposes.

Mice need to continuously chew. They often leave marks on baseboards, boxes, and furniture.

If you are seeing signs or suspect a problem, give us a call today. We can dispatch a professional mouse exterminator for a free evaluation and inspection.

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Found two mice in my kitchen last night.  Needless to say I was in panic mode. Loretta from Bill’s pest was my savior. She was able to capture both and relocate them across town. Even better she found and sealed both entry points and removed the nest.  Very professional service and the price was less than expected.  I recommend Bill’s pest. They are good people.

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