Mosquito Pest Control Phoenix Az

Mosquito Pest Control Phoenix Az

Mosquito Pest Control Exterminator Phoenix ArizonaLooking for Mosquito Pest Control Phoenix Az services? We can help!  Get expert service from your hometown exterminator today.  Bills Pest Termite Control provides safe, effective and affordable service. Mosquito Control Services.

“Maricopa County has received record numbers of calls about mosquitoes since the first of several monsoon storms hit the Phoenix area.”

It may seem strange that one of the driest areas in the United States would have need for mosquito pest control Phoenix Az services. Unfortunately these little flying blood suckers are a problem especially in urban areas with nearby water sources.

Effective mosquito pest control in Phoenix Az requires a working knowledge of these critters and their nesting habits.  Mosquitoes have 4 distinct life cycles starting out as an egg, progressing to the larvae and pupae stages before graduating to adult status.

They are most active between sundown and sun up and can feed on a wide range of hosts from humans to pets and other animals. Females lay their eggs in water and they usually hatch in 1-3 days.  It can take from 7 days to several weeks before they become adults.

While adult females require a blood meal to produce eggs, males primarily feed on plant nectar. Females live 1 to 2 months during warm weather and as long as 6 months in cold weather. Males live for 6 to 7 days.

Effective mosquito pest control in Phoenix Az must start with a thorough inspection. Spraying airborne insects can be a lot of work and yield little results.  Finding and eliminating nesting areas will lead to long term relief and reduce the need for pesticides. It’s also critical to remove any standing water and/or conditions conducive to breeding.  Total eradication may involve having the homeowner mow the lawn and trim excessive vegetation.  These areas provide shelter from the sun and can make ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes. Flying Insect Pest Control Service.

The demand for mosquito pest control in Phoenix Az services usually peaks during the spring rains and again with the monsoon season. During years of drought service calls are minimal at best.

Bills Pest Termite Control is your hometown pest control expert. We provide complete eradication services for all types of Arizona pests including mosquitoes.  Most services include a warranty so you have peace of mind that if the critters come back…we come back.  For more information about mosquito pest control in Phoenix Az or other pest control services give us a call. Outdoor Mosquito Control Services.

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