Mosquito Exterminator

Mosquito Exterminator

Mosquito Pest Control Exterminator Phoenix ArizonaIf mosquitoes are ruining your outdoor enjoyment you may need a professional Mosquito Exterminator. If so, we can help! As Arizona’s leader in mosquito control, Bills Pest Control provides both residential and commercial top-of-the-line services designed to control and eliminate mosquito infestations. Family owned and locally operated – We eliminate the problem! Outdoor Mosquito Control Solutions.

Family owned and locally operated Bill’s Pest Control provides an array of treatment options designed to eradicate annoying Mosquitoes.  Our professional Mosquito exterminator services include direct application, fogging and baiting. Need Mosquito Fogging services?

We provide effective elimination and control services for commercial businesses, hotels, restaurants and resorts.  Most services include a renewable warranty, so our customers have peace of mind knowing that if the Mosquitoes come back, we come back. Phoenix Mosquito Pest Control.

Effectively eliminating this pest requires some basic knowledge: 

Adult mosquitoes are commonly found in bushes and shrubs because they feed on plant nectar. Only female mosquitoes bite. Female mosquitoes ingest blood to lay eggs. They use the protein found in blood. They feed on humans by following the scent of our exhaled carbon dioxide, tracking our body heat, and detecting the complex blend of scents found on our skin.  

Some mosquitoes lay eggs in water, while others lay eggs in moist soil, waiting for flood water. All mosquitoes need water to breed and survive.

A professional Mosquito Exterminator knows any successful treatment must first start with a thorough inspection.  Finding and eliminating nesting areas that are used to lay eggs is essential. Next areas with high plant growth, bushes and shrubs must be treated if they cannot be eliminated.

Long term relief from this pest may require monthly or seasonal treatments.  Fogging and/or traditional sprays can provide immediate relief, however it rarely yields long term protection.  Eliminating nesting opportunities and standing water provides long term protection.

If you are having a problem with Mosquitoes call Bills Pest Control today.  The sooner you call, the sooner we can get you back on the road to enjoying your backyard again.  Inspections, evaluations, advice and quotes are always free. Mosquito Control in Arizona.

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