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Best Mosquito Control Services Phoenix Az – Tired of being the main course when you sit out back? We can help eliminate the pests today! Bills Pest Termite Control is proud to provide affordable, effective mosquito control services for both residential and commercial clients. We can help get you back on the road to enjoying being outside again. Mosquito Pest Control Exterminator.

As an experienced outdoor pest control service, Bills Pest Control features a variety of solutions perfect for transforming your outside back into a peaceful place. Our most popular treatment is a barrier spray treatment that protects your yard for up to three weeks at a time. Looking for Mosquito Fogging services – click here.

Mosquitoes are frequently in the news because they are both a nuisance and a health threat. Given the threat of illness keeping this pest away from your home or business is critical.

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Under ideal conditions Mosquitoes can thrive in Arizona. Areas around homes and businesses with high vegetation, tall grass, weeds, shrubs and standing water make for ideal nesting. Adult mosquitoes are commonly found in bushes and shrubs because they feed on plant nectar.  They only suck blood for reproduction purposes.  Our Arizona Sun is a threat so these pests rest in shaded areas during the day waiting to emerge at sunset.  Successful mosquito control services will target these areas. Phoenix Mosquito Pest Control.

Mosquitoes breed in any standing water, but they are particularly drawn to standing water with lots of organic debris. Nasty water is a common place to find mosquito larvae.

Eliminating mosquito breeding sites is important. Begin with obvious areas and empty the water from them. These sites include old tires, buckets, wheel barrows, and clogged gutters. Flower pots and the saucers that they sit on are often over-looked so check these. In-ground pool drains remove water from the pool decking, and they are often full of water.

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Pest Control trained techniciansWhen looking for standing water remember that just a few ounces of water can produce a significant number of mosquitoes.

Removing standing water around your yard is a useful first step in reducing mosquito populations, but it does not solve the problem. Mosquitoes can easily breed next door in your neighbor’s yard, or further down the street. Adult mosquitoes are likely to invade your yard regardless of the breeding suitability of the area. Mosquito Control Phoenix Az.

Trimming back vegetation, mowing tall grass and removing weeds are an important second step in the quest to eliminate this pest.  Eliminating nesting and feeding areas is critical.

Thoroughly spraying nesting areas with a good product will produce immediate results.  Products that provide residual protection can reduce the need for follow up service(s). After a proper application, you can expect to start seeing results within two to four weeks.

If you’re having a problem with this pest call us today.  Our Mosquito control services are designed to provide immediate relief.  Outdoor Mosquito Control Services.

Best Mosquito Control Services Phoenix Az 602.308.4509Mosquito Control Arizona

Best Arizona Mosquito Control
  • Best Arizona Mosquito Control

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Who would have thought Mosquitoes could be so bad in the desert? Thanks to service from Bill’s Pest Control we have been able to use our backyard on a regular basis. Service is thorough and effective. Request Mike he knows his stuff!

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