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Expert Mosquito Control Arizona – Mosquito complaints are on the rise through Phoenix and Maricopa County Arizona.  In fact, consumer calls for Mosquito Control Arizona related services have doubled. #1 Phoenix Arizona Mosquito Exterminator – Bills Pest Termite Control Mosquito Control Services.

Warmer-than-normal weather is probably to blame, causing mosquitoes to increase breeding. Add in early summer rain and the mosquito population has flourished.

Mosquitoes are not your average nuisance pest: They carry disease, including the West Nile and Zika virus.  In fact, the most deadly animal in the world is the mosquito. It might seem impossible that something so minuscule can kill so many people, but it’s true. According to the World Health Organization, mosquito bites result in the deaths of more than 1 million people every year.  According to Arizona officials, there have been 41 cases of West Nile and 10 cases of St. Louis encephalitis in Maricopa County in 2015. Mosquito Pest Control Exterminator.

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With all this in mind, it’s no wonder that area consumers are demanding more Mosquito Control Arizona services. Outdoor Mosquito Pest Control Services.

Five Steps Consumers can take to help control Mosquito populations:

  1. Clear any and all standing water. Check around the outside of your home for any buckets, trash-can lids, pots, containers, or clutter piles that might be trapping and holding stagnant water. Mosquitoes need stagnant water for their eggs to hatch. Phoenix Mosquito Service.

These mosquitoes need very little water to lay their eggs. If you have potted plants, make sure you control the watering so as not to allow overflow to collect. Routinely replace water left out for pets. If you have clutter around the outside of your home, clean it up.  These insects seek shelter from the sun.

  1. Maintain pools and fish ponds. Make sure your pool and/or pond is chlorinated and not turning green, which can become a mosquito-breeding ground. Make sure the water is circulating and the pump is working properly. If you’ve noticed a neighbor’s pool is turning green, let them know you’re concerned or call the county’s West Nile Virus hotline: 602-506-0700.
  2. Wear bug repellent when outside.  Wearing light-colored clothing outside tends to repel mosquitoes. Run outside fans as most mosquitoes cannot fly through the small breeze put out by a fan.
  3. Use mosquito traps around your home
  4. Wait it out. Fortunately, the Mosquito season in Arizona is short-lived. Stay inside and minimize opening doors/windows that allow access to your home. The brutal Arizona heat will bring the season to an end when our clay soil begins to heat up and dry out. Mosquitoes need to have a moist environment to go through their life cycles. As soon as it dries out, the mosquito population will diminish. A mosquito’s life is very short.

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Pest Control trained techniciansBills Pest Termite Control is your hometown Mosquito exterminator.  We provide expert Mosquito Control Arizona services throughout the valley of the sun.  Our services are safe, effective, and affordable.  Most services include a renewable warranty so our customers have peace of mind knowing that if the pests come back, we come back.  If you are in need of Mosquito Control Arizona exterminator services we can help.  Call us today. #1 Phoenix Mosquito Exterminator – Bills Pest Termite Control.

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