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“Discovering termites munching on your home is enough to ruin any day and provide many sleepless nights.” 

Termites generate billions of dollars worth of damage repair and related services every year.  Much of that happens right here in Mesa Arizona where these little monsters can invade a home from underground, above ground, via flight or be unknowingly brought in hidden within infested items like furniture.  Mesa Termite Control exterminator services are without doubt in demand. In fact the east valley market provides almost a quarter of termite services generated in Arizona.

Termite Services Mesa AzNot all Mesa termite control exterminators are equal.  Like any industry with strong consumer demand the level of service and experience is dramatic enough that homeowners should use caution.

Discovering termites munching on your home is enough to ruin any day and provide many sleepless nights.  If and when these critters are discovered…stay calm, it may not be as bad as you think.

Mesa is home to several species of termites and believe it or not…depending upon the species…not all types will destroy your home overnight and/or require expensive exterminator service(s).

If you have and/or suspect termites the first step is to get a free inspection from an experienced termite exterminator.  An experience professional can properly identify the invading species, locate areas of infestation, and prescribe a custom service based upon the type of termite(s), home construction and surrounding environment.  If no termites are observed the inspector can point out conditions conducive to future infestation and provide corrective suggestions.  Correcting conditions conducive to future infestation is wise and often enough to keep the critters away for years.

Proper identification of the invading species is critical to achieving long term eradication.  Spending hundreds of dollars on a service designed to eliminate the wrong species can be a major bummer and needlessly expose a household to harsh chemicals.  Unfortunately this scenario plays out across the east valley daily.

Arizona is home to at least 17 species of termites and few exterminators have the experience and/or training to tell the difference between more than one or two types.  Not all types of termites are the same and knowing the differences can determine the effectiveness of a Mesa termite control service.  For example: treating the soil around the foundation of a home will have little, if any, impact on stopping an infestation of North America’s most destructive species, Western Drywood termites.

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