Meet The Termites Whom Might Be Living In Your Home [INFOGRAPHIC]

They may not look exactly alike, but they are equally ugly and equally destructive. They are termites, those little pests that can cause their share of damage no matter where you live. Often living in colonies, terminates can in no time reduce wood to a fine powder. They can also be found anywhere in your home, from your living room to your bathroom.

In the moist regions of the South and Southeast, particularly Florida, termites are especially destructive to homes. In drier regions of the West, subterranean termites gobble away at anything wood found in a house. Termites of the eastern variety, found in Pennsylvania, are known for their ability to literally hollow out wooden items. They will also eat items made of cotton and paper, including books. Termites found in desert areas, such as Arizona, will attack fences, poles and even plants from under the ground, in the process leaving behind horrible odors. In such tropical climates as Hawaii and Puerto Rico, certain types of termites can damage the roof of a house to the extent that it will start to leak. In any part of the country and in any part of your home, you can be the victim of termites.

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I’ve had my home under termite warranty with bill’s termite for the last 10 years. They come out every year like clockwork and inspect. No problems.  The $500 spent 10 years ago has been one of the best investments I’ve made into this home.

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