How to read a Termite Report

Want to know how to read a termite report? Termite inspection reports are comprised of three sections: one that addresses existing damage, one that identifies areas that seem susceptible to future infestations, and the third section is the detailed diagram listing problem areas.

The first section typically covers any current or past signs of infestation, including dry rot and structural damage.

The second section focuses on immediate risks and suggests measures that can be taken to correct them. Potential risks include stacks of firewood, fallen trees and areas with high moisture content.

Standard termite inspection forms include the following information:

    • A scale drawing of the home with any activity or damage clearly marked on the drawing.

    • Notes about the home’s construction (e.g., basement, crawlspace, slab and foundation).
    • Explanations of any features that could complicate termite treatment (e.g. water features, wells and plenum air conditioning/heat systems).
    • Information about any structural conditions that should be corrected (e.g. moisture problems or wood-to-ground contact).

A termite report should contain all the necessary information for a consumer to make the proper real estate purchasing decision.  Consumers are encouraged to thoroughly review the information contained in the report.

If there were areas that did not get inspected a follow up inspection should be scheduled when those areas are accessible for proper inspection.

The seller should be able to provide information on past termite problems, treatment and damage repair.  This information should be thoroughly reviewed.

Should evidence of termite activity be noted consumers are advised to find a reputable exterminator to provide a complete initial service and warranty for future services.  Getting the initial termite service done does not always mean that the termites are gone.  Or stay gone.

Yearly inspections from an experienced termite inspector are critical to ensuring the initial treatment is still working.

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