How to get rid of bed bugs in Phoenix Az

How to get rid of bed bugs in Phoenix Az – Got bed bugs? We can help! Getting the bad news that you have bed bugs does not come via snail mail, text, or phone call. The shock of discovering bed bugs usually comes in the middle of the night or early in the morning. Being awaken from a sound sleep to discover bugs crawling on you is life-altering. Seeing strange marks on your pillowcase and/or discovering mysterious bite marks that itch are another clue there is trouble in paradise. Get rid of the bedbugs today – TEXT 602.786.7386

What do you do now?

Bedbugs have spread from one end of Arizona to the other, and the prospect of an infestation can strike fear into practically anyone. When it comes to this pest you are not alone. We understand as we deal with the realities of infestation every day.  Frantic calls for bed bug services come in every day and night.

If you have or suspect a problem the first step is to contact a professional bed bug exterminator. Get a free inspection and evaluation. Do not call any exterminator. Make sure they

How much does a bed bug treatment cost?

Arizona homeowners spend an average of $1,000 to $2,500 to exterminate bed bugs. The level of infestation, square footage, accessibility, and the method of treatment are factors in pricing. You could pay as little as $150 for a small problem and as much as $5,000 to fumigate an entire structure. In the Phoenix area, the average cost per room is $200 – $400.

When determining pricing all bedrooms where people sleep should be serviced. If the home has late-night TV viewers that room should be serviced. Any room where people sleep, and/or gather regularly between midnight and 5 AM should be serviced. Rarely are kitchens, bathrooms, and dining rooms in need of service.

Another cost to consider is a mattress, box spring, and pillowcase encasements. These costs are often overlooked. Encasements are critical to controlling this pest. Professionally installed they reduce nesting and harborage areas for this pest.

These are some of the most difficult pests to get rid of. They can survive months without food which, for them, is blood. They can also hide in small cracks and crevices to dodge chemicals and sprays. To truly exterminate them, the best route is to hire a professional exterminator. When you hire a trained pro, they will handle the service appropriately and effectively. They have the experience to eradicate the problem and keep it from coming back. Plus, you will not needlessly expose people and pets to harsh chemicals.

How exterminators get rid of bed bugs?

Professional bed bug exterminators have an array of treatment options and methods to remove this pest. Heat treatments, residual sprays, trapping, and fumigation is the more common options. All most every treatment method has proven effective when properly employed. Depending upon the location and severity each strategy has benefits.

Consumers should know that effective bed bug removal is not cookie-cutter in nature. In other words, getting rid of bed bugs and keeping them from coming back requires a custom approach. For example, heat treatments can yield excellent results in a commercial environment and not so good results in a home.

How long does it take for an exterminator to get rid of bed bugs?

Light to medium infestations can often be eradicated with one or two services. Heavy infestations can take multiple services. Prior to considering any eradication service, it is important to get a thorough inspection by an experienced expert. Finding all areas of an infestation is critical to getting rid of this pest.

Additionally, it is important to determine the source of the original infestation. Taking steps to avoid re-infestation is every bit as important as the service itself.

Best pest control company for bed bugs?

Bill’s Pest Control has over three generations of experience protecting Arizonan’s from pests. Our services are safe, effective, and affordable. We have the experience to get rid of the problem and keep it from coming back.

Can you ever really get rid of bed bugs?

Getting rid of bed bugs is not your average do-it-yourself project. Most consumers that try fail. And for good reason. Bed bugs are difficult to get rid of. It usually takes a trained and experienced bed bug exterminator to effectively get rid of bed bugs.

Yes, an experienced exterminator can get rid of bed bugs, and they are really your best bet. An exterminator understands bed bug biology, behavior, meaning they know where to look for bed bugs and how to eradicate them. By using a combination of techniques, they can eliminate bed bugs at all stages of development, which is something that is virtually impossible to achieve with DIY products.

Ready to get rid of the bedbugs? – When it comes to how to get rid of bedbugs in Phoenix Bill’s Pest Control is your go-to-exterminator. Our three generations of experience provide valuable insight into the best bed bug treatment methods for each infestation. When you need to know how to get rid of bed bugs in Phoenix Az call Arizona’s Hometown Exterminator – Bill’s Pest Control.

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bills pest termite control phoenix az logoGetting rid of bedbugs is not your average do-it-yourself project. Can it be done? Yes, although the success rate is low. Additionally, when you factor costs, loss of sleep, unnecessary exposure to harsh chemicals, etc. hiring a professional can be a solid choice.

Bed bugs are tough. They can present a challenge to a seasoned exterminator. Bedbugs are beetles and tend to nest in hard to reach areas.  Knowing their habits and understanding feeding schedules gives professional bedbug exterminators an advantage in knowing how to get rid of bed bugs.

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Our Phoenix bed bug services take a comprehensive approach that will incorporate advanced methods, equipment, and materials in order to achieve the best results. We have a treatment solution for any type of bed bug activity.

What are the signs of a bed bug infestation?

how to get rid of bed bugs in phoenixSigns of bed bug infestation may be:

  • Dark (reddish or brownish) spots and/or smears on bed sheets, pillowcases, clothing or mattresses
  • A distinct musty odor
  • Small, itchy red bumps and/or bite marks on your skin

If you suspect a problem with bedbugs give us a call or TEXT ASAP. We can send an experienced bed bug exterminator out for a FREE Bed Bug Inspection.  If a problem is found that inspector will leave you with a no-pressure quote to get rid of the bugs.

Bed Bug Treatment Processhow to get rid of bed bugs in phoenix az

  • Prior to any successful service, a thorough inspection must be done
  • Develop a site-specific plan of action and treatment method  – Not all infestations are the same!
  • Use advanced bed bug equipment and materials
  • Provide detailed bed bug preparation and post-service instructions
  • Initial Service Warranty and monthly programs available

Bed Bug Treatment Tips

  • When it comes to bed bugs, thorough inspections, and service from experienced bed bug exterminators can provide immediate relief.
  •  Experienced Exterminators can treat in a manner that minimizes the risk of bed bugs spreading during the treatment process
  • D-I-Y bed bug spraying, self-treating, or Splash and Pray applications, by inexperienced applicators, can spread bed bugs to adjacent areas or rooms during treatment because bed bugs, are sensitive to environmental changes and often attempt to flee during treatment.
  • Do your homework and hire the best exterminator for the job. Don’t focus on the lowest bid. Focus on the experience, reputation and track record of success
  • Cutting corners upfront can end up costing ten-fold in the long run due to the risk of spreading bed bugs to nearby areas.

Bill’s Pest Control provides complete bed bug heat solutions. An experienced bed bug specialist will know where and when to utilize or incorporate heat for the best results. We know how to get rid of bed bugs. #1 Phoenix Bedbugs Exterminator.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Advantageshow to get rid of bed bugs in phoenix azReduce or eliminate the use and associated risk of pesticides

  • Excellent at treating interior belongings and furnishings because the heat penetrates better than conventional materials
  • A lower degree of difficulty compared to conventional treatment due to its ability to treat an entire area at once
  • Reduces preparation efforts and can eliminate laundry duty because the heat can treat items that conventional methods can’t.
  • Provides instant kill, proven effective on bed bugs in all areas reaching the minimum target temperature of 125 degrees or higher.

Bed Bug Chemical Treatment Advantages

  • More affordable than heat because less treatment time, labor and equipment is involved
  • Provides residual protection against bed bugs some materials can last years in wall voids and crevices
  • Penetrates wall voids and deeper into cracks/crevices where bugs nest
  • Can be done inconspicuously, therefore avoiding unwanted attention
  • Includes a renewable warranty and/or monthly service plans

HEPA Vacuuming During Bed Bug Servicephoenix bedbugs exterminatorWhen it comes to knowing how to get rid of bed bugs vacuuming can be a critical tool.

Using high powered HEPA vacuums can be a very effective tool for removing bedbugs, skin casts, and eggs. With proper extensions, nesting bugs and eggs can be removed. Visible bugs can be sucked up reducing the risk of exposure to harsh chemicals and removing pests before they can reproduce.

Bill’s Pest Control uses specialized Pest Control vacuums with custom attachments because it can help remove bed bugs from cracks, crevices and other hard to reach hiding spots.

Vacuuming is great for removing dead bed bugs after treatment because it can help confirm new activity going forward.

Glue Board Monitoring and Removalhow to get rid of bed bugs in phoenix az

Another often overlooked tool is glue board monitoring and removal services.  Bedbugs can be attracted to strategically place boards. This can be very effective at removing this pest without the use of harsh chemicals.  It’s also an effective way to monitor infestation levels.

Bill’s Pest Control Provides Complete Bed Bug Solutions

Bill’s Pest Control is working with advanced bed bug protocol that utilizes the advantages of both heat and conventional treatment methods because this type of aggressive approach is proven to achieve maximum results at a more affordable rate. With over three generations of experience, we have a solution that will get rid of your bedbugs. We know how to get rid of bed bugs in Phoenix Az.

Preventative Bed Bug Services in Phoenix Az

how to get rid of bedbugsCalls for bed bug services in the Phoenix area have been on the increase since the late ’90s. Having a preventative bed bug program in place is the key to long-term success because bed bug infestations are much easier to treat when detected early.

Being proactive shows your guests, customers, tenants, and employees that you care. It can also greatly reduce treatment costs and liability because it reduces the risk of a heavy bed bug infestation. With the ability of social media to destroy a brand, having a preventative bed bug service is a sound investment.

Let Arizona’s Hometown Phoenix Bedbugs Exterminators design and manage you’re how to get rid of the bed bugs program! #1 Phoenix Bedbugs Exterminator.

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We tried getting rid of the bugs with a heat treatment and spray from another exterminator. The property manager suggested Bills pest exterminators. Great suggestion. Mike from Bills exterminators came out twice and we have not seen a live bug since.

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