How do I know if I have termites in Arizona?

How do I know if I have termites in Arizona – How do I know if I have termites in Arizona? If you own a home in Arizona you’ve probably asked…or at least wondered…how do I know if I have termites in Arizona? Many of us have busy lives and we hope that if we don’t think about it…maybe it won’t happen. Arizona has a national reputation and for good reason. More than 17 different species of wood eating, home damaging cryptic invaders call Arizona home. Mild winters, a wet spring and monsoon season create conditions conducive to termites.

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Early detection of a termite infestation can save in repairs and lost home resale value. Most homeowners have no clue what to look for when inspecting for termites. Getting a “preventative termite treatment” can be a waste of hard earned money and provide little more than a false sense of security for homeowners. Not all termites are the same and effective treatment methods will vary by species. Treating the soil provides little protection against flying termites. Finding desert termites in your yard or along a wood fence does not usually mandate treating your entire home. Certain species will only infest a localized area and spot treating is sufficient to kill off the attackers. Spot treating for subterranean termites is a recipe for disaster.

Getting a yearly termite inspection is the best protection and one of the best ways of knowing if you have a problem. Finding a professional termite inspector that is familiar with all types of Arizona termites is not as easy as picking up the phone and calling a self proclaimed expert. Most termite inspectors are familiar with the more common subterranean termite species such as Heterotermes and Reticulitermes. These species are relatively easy to spot when shelter tubes appear along a home’s foundation. However few “termite inspectors” have the experience to detect the subtle signs of infestation by less common types of Arizona termites. Hiring a professional termite inspector with experience can save a homeowner from discovering hidden damage years later.

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How do I know if I have termites in Arizona? Homeowners should be on the lookout between inspections for common signs of a termite infestation. Detecting signs of an infestation early and getting a proper termite treatment can keep a minor issue from blossoming into a major termite problem.

Winged bugs that look like ants

Termite Swarmer

Termite Swarmer

When reproductive termites find a suitable location to start a new colony, they will shed their wings. So, if you see small piles of wings in your home or yard, chances are that a termite colony is forming on your property. Winged bugs that look like ants flying near light sources at sunrise or sunset is a sign of swarming termites. Termite swarmers can be distinguished from ants by having two straight antenna’s protruding from their head while ant swarmers have a kink or elbowed antennas. Termite swarmers will have four wings of equal length while ant swarmers will have four wings of two different lengths. Experienced termite inspectors will be able to identify the swarming species by the time of year. Contacting a professional for a termite inspection as soon as you see discarded swarmer wings is the best way to prevent future damage to your home.

Termite tubes

Signs of termitesSubterranean termite colonies rely on worker termites to travel into your home, locate food sources, and carry sustenance back to the colony. They do so via shelter tubes made of mud and feces. Worker and soldier termites entering your home are blind. They mark travel routes with pheromones and must use shelter tubes for navigation. These shelter tubes also provide protection against predators and direct sunlight. Experienced termite inspectors can distinguish different species by the style of termite tube constructed.

Termite damage

Termite Control in Phoenix ArizonaMost homes in Arizona are constructed with Douglas Fir which provides termites with much needed moisture. Termites typically feed on the soft portions of infested wood making termite damage easy to identify. Damage following the grains of the wood, unexplained soil in wood and small pellets falling out of wood is signs of termite damage.

Fecal pellets

Drywood termite fecal pelletsWestern Drywood termites in Arizona live within the wood they infest. As the colony develops and more room is needed they make small holes in the wood and push fecal pellets out of nesting areas. Their presence is usually indicated by the presence of small piles of fecal pellets near baseboards, window sills and below door framing.

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How do I know if I have termites in Arizona? Spotting the most common signs of an infestation can help ensure you get immediate service for a termite problem in your home. Early detection and treatment is the best defense against costly termite damage. If you are still wondering, how do I know if I have termites in Arizona? Order a FREE termite inspection online or call the experts at Bills Pest Termite Control 602.308.4510

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How do I tell if I have termites in Arizona?
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