Order Termite Inspection ReportHome Inspectors Termite Program – Bills Pest Termite Control is Arizona’s Termite Experts.  We provide an array of termite services including completion of Arizona Termite Reports.  Our Home Inspectors Termite Program helps local home inspectors provide termite reports for real estate transactions.

“Home inspectors can benefit by combining their inspection with a termite report.”

Phoenix area home inspectors can expand their customer base by offering termite inspections along with their home inspection reports.  Our Home Inspectors Termite Program assures your Home Inspection clients are getting the best possible service and professional termite inspection reports completed by Arizona’s termite experts.

Our termite inspectors are amongst the most experienced in Arizona. We know Arizona termites! Having two sets of independent eyes looking at the same home is a win-win for home inspectors and consumers.  Our inspectors can detect the presence of all 17 types of termites found in Arizona.  Additionally we can report evidence of past infestation, current warranties and/or guarantees.  Experienced inspectors can point out conditions to future infestation and provide suggestions to correct the potential problem areas.

With our Home Inspectors Termite Program all inspection reports include an easy to read report and diagram listing areas of infestation, conditions conducive and/or areas of concern. Termite reports include a 30 day warranty for new termite infestations that occur after our termite inspection. Longer warranties are available, call for pricing.

All termite reports are easy to read computer generated and available via email (pdf) the day of inspection.

Bills Home Inspectors Termite Program provides billing arrangements with special home inspectors pricing for pay as you go, weekly or monthly billing. For more details about our Home Inspectors Termite Program call us today we are ready to help!

Our office staff is prepared to schedule our inspectors to arrive during your inspection and provide a verbal report prior to leaving the property.  Completed reports are emailed and usually ready for review by the end of the day.

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