Home Buyer Termite Inspection

Order Termite ReportHome Buyer Termite Inspection – Looking for a home buyer termite inspection report near Phoenix Arizona? We can help! Get expert service today from Arizona’s Termite Experts – Bills Pest Termite Control.  Family owned and locally operated we provide inspection services throughout the Valley of the Sun.  Home buyer termite inspection reports are $50 when paid the day of inspection and/or $65 when billed to escrow.

Bills Pest Termite Control provides same day services.  Inspection reports are computer generated and can be available the day of inspection.

Arizona is considered the termite capital of North America.  And for good reason.  At least 17 different types of these micro sized wood eating insects can be found in the Grand Canyon State.  Making matters worse, the Sonoran Desert is home to one of the most destructive species found in North America – Western Drywood Termites.

Arizona termites can invade a home from underground, outside, via flight or they can be unknowingly brought into a home hidden within infested items.  Given their cryptic nature most infestations can go undetected for months, years or even decades.

With all this in mind it’s no wonder that professional exterminators recommend a home buyer termite inspection report prior to purchasing any home in Arizona.

Not all exterminators are equal.  While many exterminators are familiar with the more common subterranean type termites, few have the experience and expertise to detect some of the less common species.  Missing the subtle signs of infestation can equate to a nightmare for a new home buyer.

If you are considering the purchase of any home in Arizona, hire a professional termite inspector to thoroughly evaluate the property.  A good home buyer termite inspection report can provide a consumer with valuable information.  A completed inspection report can inform a potential buyer as to the presence of infestation, both past and present along with visible damage.  Additionally, conditions conducive to future infestation should be noted in the report.

When the offer to purchase is accepted, potential buyers have a 10-day window to complete the termite inspection for closing report.  Buyers are best served ordering the report immediately.  This will allow for time to review the findings, request additional information and/or allot time for necessary follow up inspections.

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