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Given the destructive nature of termites getting a yearly Goodyear termite inspection should be a no-brainer.  Experts recommend that every home be inspected at least once a year especially homes recently service or with a history of termite infestation.

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Consumers who have recently had service or purchased a new home treated as part of the construction process are often left with a false sense of security.

Educated homeowners are aware that Goodyear is home to 17 different types of termites and each species is unique.  Because each species is so different effective eradication methods must be specific to the target species.  Treating the soil around the foundation can stop subterranean type termites however, it have little effect on other species including the most destructive found in North America.

“Before buying any home in Goodyear, I would get a termite inspection!”

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termite control phoenixEven with no Arizona law requiring a Goodyear termite inspection for the sale or purchase your lender may require a termite inspection report as a condition of your loan. After all…the lender technically owns the home until it is paid off and they must act to protect their investment.

Given the destructive nature of termites in Goodyear…a termite inspection report can be valuable tool in making the proper home buying decision. Nobody wants to buy an infested home, nor do they want to discover hidden damage after moving in to their “dream home.”

Educated buyers and realtors should insist upon a thorough evaluation and a completed inspection report prior to agreeing to purchase any structure. A good report will list evidence of current infestation, the presence of termite damage, past activity, conditions conducive to future infestation and available termite history.

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Signs of termites in Phoenix ArizonaConsumers should be aware that the average termite inspector is only familiar with one or two of the more common types of Goodyear termites. This leaves the potential for an inexperienced inspector to overlook an infestation and/or hidden termite damage.  Homeowners reviewing a “clean” Goodyear termite inspection report can be left with a false sense of security and potentially make the wrong buying decision.

Goodyear is also home to other wood eating insects such as Carpenter Ants, wood boring beetles and Carpenter Bees etc. An inexperienced termite inspector can overlook the subtle signs of infestation or damage from these pests.

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Termite InspectorsNot all exterminators are the same. When considering the purchase of any home do your research and select a Goodyear termite inspection company with the experience and reputation to provide a thorough termite inspection and report.

A proper Goodyear termite inspection at a minimum should take 30 minutes; the average home can take 1-2 hours depending upon circumstances such as location, history, construction type etc. Complete termite inspection Goodyear Az reports contain two pages of written information and a detailed diagram listing problem areas and conditions conducive to future termite infestation. Valuable information about evidence of previous treatments and termite history should be included in the report.

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goodyear termite reportWhen an offer to purchase a home is accepted by the seller…the buyer has ten days to complete a termite inspection report. The termite inspection should be ordered and/or completed within the first couple days to allow the buyer(s) time to review the findings along with sufficient time for follow-up inspections.

Corrective actions and/or termite treatments should be completed prior to the buyer(s) taking possession of the home.

If corrective actions and/or a termite treatment are necessary the buyer should insist upon selecting the termite exterminator as they will be dealing with that company in the future. A seller’s motivation is to select the cheapest solution as they typically pay for the service.

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Pest Control trained techniciansWhen you need a termite inspection Goodyear Az report for the purchase of your new home call the experts at Bills Pest Termite Control. Our experienced termite inspectors will provide you with a thorough termite inspection and complete a professional termite report containing all the information you will need to make the right home buying decision.

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