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Best Glendale Arizona Bed Bug Expert – Bed Bugs do not discriminate and they are excellent hitch hikers. In fact anyone, at any time can unknowingly bring one of these insects home with them. Bedbug infestations occur in Five Star Hotels, motels, resorts, hospitals, rest homes, theaters, airplanes, cruise ships, apartments, schools, and just about any imaginable place that people frequently rest or sleep.

If you travel frequently, and/or entertain overnight guest the odds of coming under attack increases 5 times over all other sources. Calls for Glendale Arizona bed bug expert services are up 30% over last year’s record. Increased international travel by Glendale Arizona residents and visitors to the west valley from all corners of the earth has contributed to the spread of these insects.

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“My Home Is Clean, How could I possibly get bed bugs? While getting these critters has little to do with how dirty or clean a home is clutter can help an infestation grow by providing additional nesting areas.

Stigmas still exist regarding having a bed bug infestation, and the stress of knowing these critters have infested a home causes considerable stress and in some cases long standing psychological problems even after the insects are gone. In fact a new phrase PTBBS (Post Traumatic Bed Bug Syndrome) has sprung up to identify support groups for individuals recovering from infestation(s).

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As Glendale Arizona bed bug expert we understand, and witness daily how stressful it is to have to handle an unanticipated situation like Bed bugs. We take the time to thoroughly evaluate each infestation and strive to obtain the necessary information to make the best treatment choice designed to quickly eliminate the problem and get you back on the road to sleeping in a pest free home.

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”Why can’t I see any bugs when I look for them?” Bed bugs are nocturnal and spend most of their time, between feedings, hidden out of sight in their nesting areas. The majority of their lives are spent hiding anywhere and everywhere. Bed bugs have been found in remote controls, TV’s, headboards, fire detectors, walls… virtually anywhere. They are typically so small they are almost un-detectable to the naked eye and require a magnifying mirror to see. An adult bed bug is only about the size of an apple seed. Another reason they are difficult to find is that they typically remain still unless they are going to and/or from a feeding. A typical feeding period runs from 12 pm – 5am when most people are sleeping.

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How to get rid of bed bugs“How quickly do they populate?” Most infestations start with just one insect, however be warned, they can populate at an exponentially explosive rate, due to their biology and habits. Each female can be impregnated by up to 5 males. She can lay 7-10 eggs daily and then mate with her offspring once they are adults. An infestation in multi unit housing can quickly move into adjacent units turning into a full blown infestation building wide within a few months. Early detection and intervention is vital to eliminating these monsters! If left alone an infestation can become difficult to eliminate.

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”Can I stay away from my home until they die?” Unfortunately…no, nope, nein, ne, nie, nee, non, nem, lo, ni, na and no again. Because, bed bugs survive off of human blood and can live for many months without feeding, so attempts to wait them out are ineffective unless the structure is sealed and vacated for a year or more.
”Why are these critters so difficult to see?” Bed bugs are physically small, about the size and appearance of an apple seed, and often translucent making them nearly impossible to see with the naked eye. A magnifying glass is helpful in seeing these insects with clarity.

Bed Bugs Glendale AzA bed bug begins life as an egg and goes through 5 progressive stages on the way to becoming an adult. Because these insects look different at each stage proper identification can be a challenge, even for an experienced Glendale Arizona bed bug expert. The bugs shed their outer skin between each stage of growth. These discarded skins are often overlooked by inexperienced eyes. Unless an individual is trained to identify molting insect skins their chances of finding them are slim.

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”How do I know I’m dealing with bed bugs and not another type of pest?” Bedbugs are beetles and come from a large family of similar looking insects. It’s not uncommon for other insects to be miss-identified as being bed bugs. We often respond to Glendale Arizona bed bug expert service calls only to discover the infestation is carpet beetles or kissing bugs. Eradicating these pests requires different service methods.

Arizona Bed Bug Expert“Why have they suddenly become a nuisance again?” Bed bugs were almost eliminated in the 1950’s but have made a comeback and have surged to unseen levels in the last 5-10 years. There are many reasons why this has occurred. One critical contribution has been increased international travel. It’s conceivable to envision bed bugs crawling into a piece of luggage in India one morning and slithering out that evening into a Glendale Arizona home.

“How do I get rid of them?” If you suspect these critters the first step is to call a Glendale Arizona bed bug expert for a FREE INSPECTION and EVALUATION. Our trained exterminators can determine if in fact you have the insects and prescribe a custom service designed to completely eradicate these pests. Our treatments are safe, effective and affordable. Most services include a renewable warranty so you will have peace of mind knowing that if these monsters come back, we come back.

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Bills Pest Control is your hometown Glendale Arizona exterminator. Family owned and locally operated we are the experts that other exterminators call upon when they encounter an infestation beyond their resources. Bills Pest Control has been a trusted exterminator in Arizona for over three generations.

For more information about Glendale bed bug pest control services or to schedule a FREE INSPECTION give us a call today. The sooner you call, the sooner we can get you back on the road to having a pest free home.

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Kydee K via NextDoor

My parents recommended Bill’s Pest service after we found bed bugs in our guest room.  The entire process was painless and the problem was eliminated with two services.  The price was about half of what the other exterminators wanted for heat treatments.

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We hired Bill's Pest after discovering a infestation in our rental. The staff at Bill's was professional and easy to work with our difficult schedule. Mike was able to get rid of the problem in time for the new tenants to move in.