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Get bed bug help todayGilbert Arizona Bed Bug Expert – If you live in Gilbert Arizona, chances are you’re familiar with, or know someone who has or had bed bugs. Calls for Gilbert Arizona bed bug expert exterminators have been on the rise.  Bed bugs as their name suggests start by infesting the places we sleep…our beds, or any place that people consistently rest or sleep between sun down and sunrise. Within weeks what starts out as just one blood sucking insect can turn an entire home into an itchy nightmare.

Bedbugs didn’t always used to be the terrifying critters we know today. For decades, Americans lived in relative peace, undisturbed by these tiny creatures of the night. In fact calls for these critters were few and far between for Gilbert exterminators. Bed bugs are back and back with a vengeance. Over the course of the last 10 years the number of requests for Gilbert Arizona bed bug expert services has been on a steady increase. Calls this year are up 30% over last year’s record. Gilbert Bed Bug Pest Control.

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How do I tell if I have Bed BugsBed bugs are excellent hitchhikers…or stowaways. International travel has provided the window of opportunity for these insects to spread globally. As these critters can hitch a ride on everything from shoe soles to luggage, they have spread across the globe and been reintroduced to the United States. Today, they’re an international scourge. Unfortunately Gilbert Arizona has not been spared from these critters.

It’s not inconceivable to have a bed bug crawl into, or onto a piece of luggage sitting on a hotel bed in India one morning and scurry out of hiding into a Gilbert residential home that evening. While it may be difficult to track the number of times a similar scenario plays out daily, the average request for Gilbert Arizona bed bug expert service is related to a homeowner that has traveled overnight or had guests visit overnight.

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“If you travel overnight a lot, and/or have overnight visitors the chances of you living out a bed bug nightmare infestation is 5 times greater.”

Bed Bugs Exterminator Gilbert AzBefore considering any bed bug service consumers are best served with a thorough inspection by a Gilbert Arizona bed bug expert. Bed bugs are similar looking to other types of Arizona beetles and it’s easy to mis-identify the target pest. Properly identifying the target pest and location(s) of infestation is critical to prescribing effective service.

Getting rid of bed bugs in Gilbert Arizona does not have to be difficult or expensive. Consumers are cautioned that this is not a do-it-yourself project. Haphazardly spraying strong pesticides inside a home and near sleeping areas can make the problem worse while needlessly exposing a household to harsh chemicals.

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Bills Pest Control is your hometown Gilbert Arizona exterminator. We provide safe, effective, affordable bed bug services designed to eliminate the problem and provide long term protection against re-infestation. Most services include a renewable warranty so our customers have peace of mind knowing that if the critters come back…we come back.

For more information about Gilbert bed bug services give us a call today and sleep pest free tonight. Bed Bugs Exterminator Gilbert Az.

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Gilbert Arizona Bed Bug Expert
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Kyle E via NextDoor

Bill’s Pest & Termite did an excellent job eradicating the bugs from our guest house.  The service was affordable and worked to our expectations.

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Bills Pest Termite Control did a super job. Excellent estimate work and good explanation of work to be done. Treatment day was seamless and the crew sprayed and applied control in a very efficient manner. The company cares about the work done and how they follow up.