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German Cockroaches in Phoenix Arizona

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pest control quoteGerman Cockroaches Phoenix Arizona – German cockroaches in Phoenix Arizona are seemingly everywhere.  Getting rid of them can be challenging even for the most experienced exterminator.  If you have a problem with roaches, we can help.  Bills Pest Termite Control provides expert service designed to stop the infestation dead in its tracks.

“Are German Cockroaches in Phoenix Arizona making a comeback?”

Got roaches? Need roach pest control in Phoenix? The name cockroach comes from the Spanish word for cockroach, Cucaracha. Cockroach infestation.

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Welcome to the internet home of Arizona’s pest control experts and your source for German Cockroaches in Phoenix Arizona. Bills Pest Control provides safe, effective, affordable German cockroach elimination and control services throughout the Valley of the Sun.

In the last two years service requests for German cockroach control in Phoenix have been on a steady increase. That trend seems to consistent across the country along with a few pockets in major metropolitan areas seeing even greater service calls for German Cockroaches.

Unlike many pests in Arizona, German roaches are a year-round threat. They prefer to live indoors, with temperatures in the 70s near water sources and proximity to food. Kitchens are a favorite. In multi-units, shared walls create ideal nesting areas and provide access throughout the structure.

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German Roach egg capsules average 40 babies

Recently low income and rental housing budgets have been stretched by rising operational costs, leaving little for much needed monthly pest control services. Out of work renters and homeowners may not be able to budget regular exterminator services resulting in small infestations being ignored or treated by the do-it-yourselfer. German Cockroaches can be one of the most challenging indoor pests to eliminate. If not properly treated a small German Roach infestation can get out of hand in a matter of weeks. Using the wrong approach and/or products can only make the infestation worse. Roaches.

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Killing hundreds of German roaches is easy when dealing with large infestations. Experienced exterminators know that killing 95% of the German Roach population is the easy part. The last 5% is where the work really begins. Unless a total kill is achieved even the remaining 1% is capable of reproducing enough offspring in a few short weeks to re-establish a large infestation.

If a home has an infestation of 1000 cockroaches and the breakdown is 500 nymphs (babies), 250 adult females, and 250 adult males and the exterminator only achieves a 90% kill, which would leave 100 roaches, roughly 50 nymphs, 25 adult males and 25 adult females. Each of the surviving adult females can lay one egg with 40 offspring roughly every 30 days or so. With only a 90% kill rate you can end up with 1000 new cockroaches plus the original 100 in just a matter of weeks. To successfully eliminate most infestations the exterminator has to kill at least 98% of the infestation on the first or second service and follow up regularly.

Even a 100% kill requires at least one follow-up service because most insecticides will not penetrate egg capsules and stop new nymphs hatching after the service.

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Pest Control in PhoenixUnfortunately getting the upper hand on a German roach infestation is not a one-stop and done service. Prior to starting any pest control service, it’s important to conduct a thorough inspection identifying food sources and harborage areas. This is important in planning a successful attack. Cleaning up food sources and sealing entry points is critical. A combination of liquid spray(s), baits, dust, glue board monitoring is necessary along with regular follow up services to eliminate German roach infestations.

The best protection against a German Roach infestation is to isolate food sources, clean up food spills, and seal harborage areas. Periodic inspection and/or pest control service is recommended.

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German Roaches

German Cockroaches Phoenix Arizona
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We discovered a german roach problem when we moved into our new home. Thank god we called Bill’s Pest Control. Karen & Loretta were fantastic. They educated us on these nasty bugs and within two services had the problem under control

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