Mattress Fumigation Phoenix Az | Fumigate Mattress & Box spring Service

Mattress Fumigation Phoenix Az | Fumigate Mattress & Box spring Service

Need Mattress fumigation services? We can help! Bills Mattress Fumigation Phoenix Az services are safe, effective, and affordable. Get a hassle-free quote today by texting 602.786.7386 or calling 602.308.4510. Bills Fumigate Mattress service can quote you an exact price and if acceptable schedule service ASAP.

Bill’s Phoenix Mattress Fumigation provides services to local hotels, motels, Airbnb, hospitals, and establishments that cater to overnight guests. Our services are safe, effective, and affordable.  Most services include a renewable warranty so our customers can have peace of mind. Bill’s Fumigation service can accommodate businesses seeking discreet services.phoenix mattress fumigation service

If you are moving to another country and intend to take your mattress you may need to get a Certificate of Fumigation.  If you need to fumigate you will need to get a certificate of fumigation. Bill’s Mattress Fumigation provides the Certificate of Fumigation and will seal your mattress for international shipment.

When moving to Canada and shipping your household goods, used mattresses may need to be fumigated prior to arrival in Canada.

The information below may help you determine whether you need to fumigate a used mattress and/or box spring prior to entering Canada:

Returning Canadian

If absent for less than 1-year -> NEED FUMIGATION – NO EXEMPTION

If more than 1 year -> EXEMPTION – Check for details

Settler – Landed immigrant EXEMPTION – Check for details
Seasonal resident (Not Canadian) NEED FUMIGATION – NO EXEMPTION


Why fumigate a mattress?

Fumigating can eradicate pests living in a mattress and/or box spring. Fleas, roaches, carpet beetles, mites, bed bugs, and Bat Bugs are common pests that nest in mattresses. Proper fumigation will eliminate these pests.

Will fumigating a mattress and box spring kill bed bugs?

Yes, a proper service followed up with enclosing will kill bed bugs.

Can I bring my mattress to Canada after treatment?

Yes, providing a professional exterminator seals the mattress/box spring and provides proof of service.

Can I sleep on the mattress after fumigation?

Immediately after service – No. The mattress must remain sealed until after importation. Upon importation the mattress is good-to-go.

Should I throw away a mattress or box spring that has bed bugs?

Yes and no. From our experience people are different. Mattresses can be expensive. Our service can eliminate bed bugs. Sealing the mattress or box spring can keep them from coming back. If you have expensive mattresses it might be best to keep them. For some of our customers just the thought that their mattress once had bed bugs freaks them out and they are best discarding the old mattresses.

Is fumigating a mattress expensive?

The average cost to service a mattress and/or box spring is $175. That includes sealing, documentation, and a renewable warranty. Large volume businesses can expect lower pricing.

For more information about fumigating your mattress or box spring give us a call today. Bills Fumigate Mattress Phoenix Az Service.

How to get rid of Powder Post Beetles

How to get rid of Powder Post Beetles

How to get rid of Powder Post Beetles – Infested? Want to know how to get rid of Powder Post Beetles? We can help. Welcome to the internet home of Arizona’s Pest Experts – Bills Powder Post Beetle Exterminator Phoenix. If you are having a problem with Beetles call a professional exterminator today. Our services are affordable, safe, and effective. We provide free evaluations and quotes for eradicating all types of beetles.

Powder Post Beetles are small, brown in color, and usually less than 1/4-inch in length. Left unchecked this micro-sized insect can wreak havoc on just about anything made of wood. Typical signs of their presence can be numerous small holes about 1/16-to 1/8-inch in diameter and fine, powder-like sawdust in flooring, paneling, furniture, and other infested wood materials. The dust results from the boring of the larvae. The holes are caused by adult Beetles emerging from within infested wood.

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Powder post beetle heat treatmentPowder Post Beetles can be difficult to eliminate. Eradicating this pest is not usually a do-it-yourself project. It’s best to call in a professional exterminator that is familiar with this pest. Consumers should use caution as not every exterminator has the necessary experience to successfully eradicate this pest. A professional exterminator will know how to get rid of Powder Post Beetles.

Several things can be done to get rid of and control Powder Post Beetles, starting with prevention. Consumers should thoroughly inspect wood products before bringing them into a home. Knowing the origins of wood products can alert users to a potential problem.

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The average call for Powder Post Beetle services in the Phoenix area comes from a user who spots suspicious activity in newly purchase wood furnishings. The suspicious activity is usually re-occurring dust piles coming from within the wood. Additional action may include the sudden appearance of “small nail holes” on the furniture. Which are all classic signs of infestation.

Often the infested furniture comes from Mexico, Central America, or the Far East – known Powder Post Beetle areas.

Powder Post Beetle Fumigation

Heat Treatment for Powder Post BeetlesCatching any infestation is critical. These pests are destructive and will spread throughout a home if left unchecked.

Most Powder Post Beetle infestations begin inside the wood before you bring it into your home. Likewise, there are certain conditions of wood that make it more susceptible to infestation. Always inspect the wood before purchase. Do not buy wood with damaged surfaces or with existing exit holes. Powder Post beetles require at least 20% moisture to thrive and have difficulty surviving in dry wood.

Depending upon the infestation professional exterminators have an array of treatment options for eliminating this pest. The use of heat or cold can be a chemical-free option. Using Borate products can remove the problem while providing extra protection against re-infestation. Surface treatments can be successful if the product penetrates deep into the infested areas. Fumigation, when done properly can be effective in eliminating this menace.

Eradication & Treatment Options:

Pest Control trained techniciansSurface Treatments- Active infestations present in bare, exposed wood can be treated with a direct pesticide or borate application. Borate-containing products can penetrate raw wood areas and eliminate Powder post beetles. Borates act as a stomach poisoning inside the wood, preventing the larvae from causing damage.

Surface treatment pesticides may be applied to any bare wood surfaces to get rid of Powder post beetles. Finished wood surfaces must first be sanded down for the pesticide treatment to be effective.

It may not be possible to surface treat some less-accessible areas of infestation. Such areas may be candidates for more drastic treatment measures, like fumigation, cold, and heat treatment.

Fumigation is a method of pest control that uses toxic gas to fill a confined space to poison all pests. When all other methods of prevention and control have proved unsuccessful, fumigation might be the only way for you to get rid of Powder Post Beetles. Though very useful this type of treatment can be expensive, labor-intensive, and does not provide residual protection. Therefore, while this option may get rid of present Powder post beetle infestations, it is not an effective means of preventing future outbreaks.

The proper us of heat and cold treatments, like fumigation can be very effective without the potential exposure to harsh chemicals. Like fumigation, there is no extra protection and efficient means of preventing re-infestation. Heat or treatment costs are about half the expense of fumigation.

If you have questions on how to get rid of Powder Post Beetles give us a call today. We can help! #1 Arizona Powder Post Beetle Exterminator.

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Fumigate Furniture Termites in Phoenix Az

Termite Treatment quoteFumigate Furniture Termites Phoenix Az – Most of us think of termites as little insects that eat wood and if left unchecked will create thousands of dollars in damage repair costs.  While this is true…not all termites are the same.  In fact Arizona is home to at least 17 unique species.  They come in all sizes, shapes and colors.  Other than sharing an appetite for wood each species is unique.  Depending upon the species it may be necessary to hire a fumigate furniture termites service to eradicate.

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fumigate termites phoenix azWhile more common types live in the soil and create mud tubes as highways to and from the wood in your home, many species do not build those tell tale tunnels.  In fact one of the most destructive species found in Arizona is Western Drywood termites and they leave little evidence of their presence until the colony matures.

“Other than sharing an appetite for wood each termite species is unique.” 

This species lives and nests within the wood they infest.  Often that wood is furniture and short of throwing it out fumigation may be a viable option.  Saving items with a fumigate furniture termites service can make economic sense for expensive items.

Options for treatment include fumigation with toxic gas and/or a chemical free heat treatment.  Using natural methods like heat treatments are effective in eradicating infestations located deep within infested wood items.  The risk of exposure to harsh chemicals is non-existent and the cost of service is affordable.

Trusted Arizona Exterminator

Bills Pest Termite Control provides fumigate furniture termites service for all types of infestations.  We can provide on-site treatments and in-house vault services. Most services include a warranty which gives you peace of mind that if the infestation comes back…we will treat again.  For more information about fumigate furniture termites services or for a free inspection give us a call.

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Fumigate Furniture

German Cockroach Heat Treatment

German Cockroach Heat Treatment

pest control quoteGerman Cockroach Heat Treatment – Get rid of the roaches today with affordable non-chemical service. Cockroaches especially German roaches can be a problem in any facility that prepares and stores food items. Food service businesses work hard to maintain a good reputation and all that hard work can be destroyed by one or two online reviews containing that nasty word…roach.  Cockroaches contaminate food items, cooking and eating utensils, destroy paper goods and fabrics, and spread disease.  They can destroy business income overnight and/or at a minimal shut a business down for health inspection violations. German Roaches.

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German cockroaches, which are the more common indoor species of cockroach, can transmit Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, the hepatitis virus, and coli form bacteria. They can also spread typhoid and dysentery. Getting rid of these critters can be easy with a German cockroach heat treatment service.

“Discovering roaches at your business can be expense, time consuming, stressful and difficult to eradicate.”

The German cockroach will mainly inhabit any area where food preparation occurs and bathrooms, because they favor to be in warm, humid areas that are close to food and water. The German cock roach reproduces the fastest, producing an egg case that carries as many as 30 young every few weeks.  If all the adult roaches were killed in an initial service and nothing else done…in 90 days or less new hatchings will repopulate to 120-150% of the original number of roaches.

Trusted German Roach Exterminator

german cockroach treatmentTypical roach treatments consist of going in after hours to saturate the kitchen area(s) with toxic pesticides designed to flush out and kill adult roaches.  Because most pesticides do not penetrate egg capsules the process must be repeated 2-4 times over a period of weeks.  Failure to have follow up visits usually results in re-infestation with higher populations of roaches.  Even if successful these treatments take a lot of manpower hours and potential exposure to harsh chemicals.

Bills Pest Control’s German cockroach heat treatment process is effective in stopping the spread of cockroach populations with just one service.  Our German cockroach heat treatment service will raise the core temperature of the room and sustain it for a period of several hours, killing the cock roaches, and any mold spores they potentially brought with them and most importantly eradicating eggs before they hatch.  Future infestations are prevented by drying the moist areas where the cock roaches nest.  The process can be accomplished in as little as one day and leave your structure bug free and disinfected. For more information about German Cockroach heat treatment services call today. German Roach Pest Control.

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Heat pest control treatment

Fumigate Furniture Phoenix Az | #1 Furniture Fumigation Exterminator

Fumigate Furniture Phoenix Az | #1 Furniture Fumigation Exterminator

Got bugs in your furniture? We can help! Get affordable furniture fumigation services today from your hometown fumigation exterminator – Bills Furniture Fumigation Service. The decision to fumigate furniture is not easy for many consumers.  Depending upon the value it may be best to dispose of the furniture.  Treatment prices to fumigate furniture can average $150-$300 per piece.  Treatment methods can range from the use of heat, below zero cold, gas, or other fumigants. #1 Bills Furniture Fumigation Exterminator Phoenix Az. Our services are safe, effective, and affordable. Most services include a renewable warranty so you can find peace of mind. Call or text us for a free quote on hassle-free furniture fumigation services.

“It was going to cost us nearly $10,000 to replace our infested furniture…so spending a few hundred dollars to ensure they were pest-free was a smart move.”

Looking to fumigate furniture? If you have bed bugs, wood-eating beetles, termites, or other pests infesting your home, items like furniture, mattresses, and other movable items are not safe. Eliminating the pests from your home may include fumigating affected furniture and other movable items. Immediate treatment of the problem is essential because the situation can worsen when insects lay eggs and multiply. Fumigation can eliminate the problem before it gets out of hand. If you have a problem with bugs in your furniture Bills Fumigate Phoenix Az has an affordable solution.fumigate phoenix az

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Fumigation and/or heat treatments are the best method of insect control that is able to kill all target insects and their eggs regardless of location. Unlike other pesticide treatment methods used, heat is used to penetrate deep into nesting areas where target insects may be located. Common target pests for fumigation and heat treatments are Powder Post Beetles, Old House Borer Beetles, Bed Bugs, and Drywood Termites as the most common here in Arizona. Our fumigation exterminators have the experience to remove pests from your furniture.

Fumigation can be perceived as an invasive process and as a result, many people turn to heat treatments that are chemical-free, more affordable, and every bit as efficient.  Both methods, when performed properly provide 100% eradication. Liquid spray methods can be the least expensive alternative, however, consumers normally find that these types of liquid treatments rarely eliminate the problem and eventually turn to fumigation and/or heat treatments as the LAST solution.

Often times, when bed bug infestations occur, an immediate reaction is to throw the mattress away or toss the couch even if a treatment has taken place for bed bug control. Truth is, you don’t have to throw anything away! You can just have all of the items fumigated or heat treated. It’s guaranteed 100% to kill eggs, nymphs, and adult insects of all kinds, including bed bugs. This will not only save you a ton of money so you don’t have to go out and buy all new furniture or a bed, but it will also give you peace of mind knowing that no insect can survive.

Drywood Termite Fumigation

Western Drywood termites are one of the most destructive species in Arizona.  Unlike their distant cousins that live underground Western Drywood termites nest deep within the wood they infest.   It’s not uncommon for this species to find their way into expensive furniture and cabinets.  Fumigating or heat treatment for termites in furniture is an excellent way of eliminating an infestation. Let Bills Fumigate Phoenix Az service help you with all your furniture fumigation needs.

Powder Post Beetle Fumigation

fumigateWood eating beetles or Powder Post Beetles are known for nesting deep inside wood furniture items and often the only way to achieve total eradication is to seek fumigation for wood-eating beetles service.  Powder post beetles are difficult to eradicate with pesticides and depending upon the nature of infestation the only alternatives are fumigation and/or heat treatment. Fumigation and/or heat treatments can eliminate adults and eggs with just one service.

Phoenix Fumigation Exterminator Services

In general fumigation and heat treatment services are affordable and should be considered before discarding items. Several factors will determine the cost such as the number of items, size, and who picks up/drops off the items to be serviced. Typically dropped-off items can be serviced for as little as $150.

Bills Phoenix Fumigate Furniture service provides both in-house and on-site fumigate furniture services for bed bugs, termites, wood-eating beetles, and any type of pest that requires fumigation.

Whether you’re looking for furniture fumigation, bed bug fumigation, or could utilize our service vault for multiple items that you would like to be 100% pesticide-free, we’ve got a solution for you! And it’s uber environmentally responsible, too! #1 Fumigate Phoenix Az Service – Bills Fumigate Furniture Service.

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Phoenix Termite Fumigation

Termite Fumigation Phoenix Az | Phoenix Drywood Termite Fumigation

Termite Fumigation Phoenix Az | Phoenix Drywood Termite Fumigation

Got bugs? Need Phoenix Termite Fumigation services? We can help.  Bills Termite Fumigation is your hometown Drywood termite exterminator service providing an array of treatment services. If you have a problem with termites we can provide an affordable solution. #1 Phoenix Drywood Termite Exterminator.

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“Phoenix termite fumigation services can be expensive, time-consuming, and take several days to prepare for…heat treatments are a better alternative IMHO.”

Western drywood termites can cause significant damage to your home as they eat the wood that your house was built with. Because these insects live and nest deep inside of the wood that they are feeding on, it is difficult to determine their exact distribution and extent of the infestation.  Short of opening every wall inside your home to find and treat every area of infestation tent fumigation or heat treatment may be the only way to completely eradicate drywood termites from your home.

A Phoenix termite fumigation service requires removing all people, pets, plants, and a laundry list of items from your home for a period of 3-4 days.  The entire home is covered with tarps to contain the gas that is pumped inside.  Fans are utilized to circulate the gas and the home must sit for a period of time to allow penetration inside walls.

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drywood termite fumigation phoenix azIf performed properly a tent fumigation service will eradicate Western Drywood termites.  The downside of this type of service is cost, time, inconvenience, and the fact that no residual is left to stop a new infestation.  Consumers are advised when considering this type of treatment to ensure the service includes a warranty that provides for re-treatment.

While a heat treatment requires the removal of people, pets, and plants the laundry list of items to be removed is considerably smaller.  The typical heat treatment is completed within one day and residents can resume normal activity immediately.  No pesticides are used so the risk of exposure is zero.  If properly performed this type of service will eradicate drywood termites.  The cost of this type of service can be 20-60% less than conventional tent fumigation.  On the downside, a termite heat treatment does not provide residual protection against a new infestation.  Consumers are best served when this type of service includes a warranty providing for retreatment if necessary.

Trusted Drywood Termite Exterminator

Prior to considering any service for eradication of drywood termites consumers are best served to get an expert opinion and thorough evaluation.  Bills Pest Termite Control provides this service free of charge. #1 Drywood Termite Exterminator Phoenix Az.

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