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Order Free Termite InspectionFree Termite Inspection Phoenix Az – The best protection against certain damage is our free termite inspection Phoenix Az service.  Not only can we alert you to a problem with these pests, we can point out conditions around your home that may be conducive to future infestation.  Often correcting these conditions can be enough to keep the critters away.

“The threat from these critters is real and consumers shell out billions in hard earned currency every year to protect their homes.” 

Find out if you have a termite problem FAST with our free termite inspection Phoenix Az service.  Welcome to the website of Arizona’s termite experts.  We have the training and experience to detect all types of wood destroying insects found in the Grand Canyon state.

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free termite inspection phoenix AzGetting termites is a serious matter…especially when you have them and have no clue they are secretly eating away at your home.  Unfortunately that scenario plays out daily in Arizona.  Everyday 1000s of homes come under attack from these micro sized wood eating insects.  Many of these infestations will not be detected for months, years or even decades.  Often the first evidence of these critters is when an unsuspecting homeowner discovers damage.

The fear and threat from these critters is so real that homeowners shell out billions in hard earned money every year to protect their homes and businesses.

Given the scope of the threat it’s understandable that consumers want to be proactive.  Rather than sit around and wonder, wait or ignore the threat most homeowners want to do something right now.  Believe it or not the best approach is to get a free termite inspection Phoenix Az service.

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mesa termite expertsThe average homeowner has no clue that not all termites are the same and not all types will be a threat to your home.  In Arizona we have at least 17 different types of these little monsters.  Our termites come in all sizes, shapes, colors and threat levels.  Other than all needing cellulose materials to survive each species is unique.

Depending upon the type your home can be invaded via flight, from outside, underground, above ground or unknowingly brought inside hidden within infested wood.  Because these critters invade by different methods and have idiosyncratic nesting habits it’s important to properly identify the invading species.  For example applying hundreds of gallons worth of pesticides around the foundation of a home will do little to stop one of the flying types of termites.  That same application will also not stop one of the many types of subterranean termites that tunnel into a home through plumbing voids or stress cracks.

Without proper identification a consumer can be left without proper protection, a full sense of security, and an empty wallet and needlessly expose a household to harsh chemicals.

Termite Treatment Phoenix Az

If you suspect termites take advantage of our free termite inspection Phoenix Az service. We can dispatch an experienced exterminator that is familiar with all types of termites.  If the critters are found we will provide a detailed diagram reporting all areas of infestation and include a custom service based upon the invading species, construction type of your home/business, and surrounding environment.  If no critters are found we can point out conditions that are conducive to future infestation and offer corrective suggestions.  Often correcting these conditions is the best investment a homeowner can make to protect their home.

When experts in any profession all agree it makes a statement that whatever they agree upon is important.  Termite exterminators all agree that every structure in Arizona should be inspected at least once a year.  Homes recently serviced or with a history should be at the top of that list.

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free termite inspectionHomes recently service should be checked to ensure that the service is still effective and that another types of termites have not invaded.  It’s not uncommon for more than one species to invade the same structure and require two different types of treatment.  Using a free termite inspection Phoenix Az service can alert a homeowner before a hidden problem gets out of hand.

Consumers in newly constructed homes are often left with a false sense of security thinking the treatment and warranty that comes with new builds is all the protection needed.  In fact the treatment and warranty only provides limited protection against a few subterranean types of termites.  A free termite inspection Phoenix Az service can save the unsuspecting homeowner thousands in future repairs.

For more information about free termite inspection Phoenix Az services or to order a home check give us a call.

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Free Termite Inspection Phoenix Az
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Marci H via Kudzu

We call Bill’s Termite every year for a free inspection.  They do a thorough inspection and never try to sell us something we do not need.

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Termite Inspection

We thought we had termites and called for a free inspection. Jon from Bill's Termite came out. He did a thorough inspection and we discovered what we thought was termites was mud bugs. Honest company.