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Order Free Termite InspectionFree Termite Inspection Mesa Az – Chances are that if you’re reading this you have a concern about termites in Mesa.  Your not alone…in fact everyday 100s of homes across the valley come under attack from these little monsters.  Even more frightening is that many of these infestations will go undetected for months, years or even decades.  Often the first indication of their presence is when a homeowner discovers the resulting damage.  Getting a free termite inspection Mesa Az may be the best defense against the micro sized wood eaters.

To the average consumer termites are all the same and they have enormous appetite for the wood holding your home together.  While this is partially true…not all termites are the same.  In fact Arizona is home to at least 17 different types of these critters.  They do share an appetite for cellulose materials (wood, paper etc) but not all will be a threat to your home.

“Termites in Mesa cause more damage than all other disasters combined.” 

Termites in Mesa Az come in all sizes, shapes, colors and have unique nesting habits.  Your home can be invaded from outside, above ground, below ground, via flight or brought inside hidden within infested wood.  Because they are so different effective eradication requires treating the source of infestation, nesting areas and entry points.  These variables are different among the species.  In other words a treatment that would eliminate one type of these monsters will not work for another type.  Effective treatment methods must be specific to the invading species.  Getting a free termite inspection Mesa Az from an experienced exterminator can help in properly identifying the invading species.

It can be a major bummer to discover the 100s-1000s of dollars in hard earned money spent on a termite treatment is not working.  Unfortunately this scenario plays out everyday across the Valley of the Sun.

Consumers are best served when they find an experienced free termite inspection Mesa Az service before considering any service.  A good exterminator can properly identify any and all types of termites invading your home.  If no critters are found they can point out conditions around your home that are conducive to future infestation and offers corrective suggestions.

Termite Treatment quoteGiven the threat that termites can be its understandable when homeowners want to be proactive.  Proactive is good.  Proactive or preventative treatments are not so good.  Spending hard earned money on a preventative type treatment is often a waste of money, needlessly exposes a household to harsh chemicals and can leave a homeowner with a false sense of security.

The best proactive approach is using a free termite inspection Mesa Az service.  Experts advise it’s best to inspect any structure for termites at least once a year.  This includes structures recently treated, those with a history or located in areas with “high termite activity.”

Yearly inspections can detect a problem and provide ample time to prescribe a custom service specific to the target pest.  Additionally, a good inspector can point out conditions around the structure that may attract future infestations.  Homeowners spending time and/or funds to correct these conditions is money well spent.  Often it may be just enough to keep the critters away.  Consumers are best served getting a yearly termite inspection Mesa Az service to check their homes.

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