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Free termite treatment quoteDrywood Termite Treatment Phoenix Arizona – Termites destroying your home? We can help! Get expert Drywood Termite Treatment Phoenix Arizona services from your hometown exterminator – Bills Pest Termite Control. If you have a problem with drywood termites or suspect a problem give us a call immediately.  We can dispatch an experienced termite inspector to provide a free inspection.  Our inspectors have the training and experience to detect a problem. Should we find a problem we can recommend the best method to get rid of the infestation. Western Drywood Termite Treatment Options.

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“Western Drywood Termites are considered the most destructive termites found in North America.”

If you are reading this chances are you know or just discovered that not all termites are the same. Arizona is home to one of the most destructive termites in the United States, Western Drywood Termites. It is a native insect that has been around the Sonoran Desert for a long time, mostly attacking trees along river washes and arroyos. In Arizona, drywood termite infestations are most prevalent in Metro Phoenix and Tucson.

The demand for Drywood Termite Treatment Phoenix Arizona services increases with each passing year.  Drywood termite damage is only second to the more common subterranean termite species. In the Phoenix area service calls for the more common Subterranean type termites outnumber Drywood termite treatment Phoenix Arizona calls by approximately 15-1.

Drywood Termite Control & Removal Phoenix

Because of the difficulty in detecting Western Drywood termites and determining the extent of the damage done, do-it-yourself treatments are not recommended; consumers are advised to consult a professional exterminator. Effective over-the-counter products labeled for elimination are not available to the public. Except for wood removal, homeowners should seek help from termite control professionals. Additionally, not all termite exterminators in the Phoenix area are licensed and have the experience to treat for Drywood termites. Many of our calls for free second opinions result from “termite inspectors” missing clear evidence signaling Western Drywood Termite infestation.

Western Drywood Termites

Light Western Drywood TermitesDrywood termites are secretive insects and are often difficult to detect by the untrained eye. They live deep inside the wood and, except during periods when they swarm or when repair work is being done on infested homes, they are seldom seen. Colonies are small (usually fewer than 1,000 individuals), can be widely dispersed, and take years (4-7) to mature. While a homeowner may initially detect the presence of termites when they swarm or if fecal pellets are discovered, inspecting for dry wood termites and determining the extent of an infestation requires specific experience. Few Phoenix area exterminators have the experience and training to detect the subtle signs of infestation. Infestations can go years undetected and are often not discovered until the structural damage becomes visible.

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Western Drywood termites are 5-6 times physically larger than their more common subterranean cousins. Although their colony size is much smaller than that of an underground colony, they can inflict a lot of damage in short order. They do not require contact with the soil and live within infested wood members. Typically they have their first swarm when the colony is 4-7 years old. While they may swarm more than once a year, the main hive is usually sometime from June-August in the Phoenix area. Fluctuations in temperatures, summer rains, and location will trigger a swarm. Most homeowners will see “flying ants” with wings dropping off or reoccurring formations of fecal pellets accumulating along walls. Infestations can begin with swarmers attacking raw wood trim outside the home or be imported within infested wood products.

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Drywood Termite Treatment PhoenixWestern Drywood termites prefer to feed on the structural timber (Douglas Fir) of a home as it provides much-needed nutrients and moisture. Newer homes equal higher moisture content in wood. In large termite areas, homeowners are advised to treat or paint exposed raw wood to minimize the odds of infestation.

Preventative Phoenix dry wood termite treatment services are usually a waste of money and provide little protection unless you can pinpoint a possible area of infestation. Homeowners are advised to find a local exterminator familiar with all types of termites found in Arizona and have a yearly termite inspection.

Drywood Termite Treatment Options

Depending upon the extent of the infestation, effective dry wood termite treatment Phoenix Arizona options can range from tent fumigation, heat treatment, spot treatment, liquid application to just removing the infested wood member(s). All methods have advantages and disadvantages depending upon the situation.

Drywood Termite Damage Phoenix ArizonaTent fumigation if done properly can eliminate all dry wood termites in a structure. This method is expensive and should be reserved for the most severe infestations. Homeowners will have to vacate for 2-4 days, remove food items, pets, plants, and clothing. Plants around the outside foundation can be damaged or lost. Treatment consists of covering/wrapping the entire home with tarps before pumping clear gas into the home. Fans circulate the gas throughout the home for at least two days. A proper application will kill all the above-ground termites and anything else living within the structure. Additionally, this method does not provide any extra protection, and homeowners are advised to have yearly termite inspections.

Spot Termite Treatments

Western Drywood Termite GalleriesSpot treatments are effective when a professional determines 1-2 areas of infestation and the colony is new. Active spot treatments require treating the area of infestation and surrounding wood areas. Spot and liquid treatments require the application of an effective termiticide directly to infested wood members. Often this requires the removal of drywall or siding. Almost any liquid pesticide will kill dry wood termites when directly sprayed on them. Since not all termites will be visible consumers are advised to find a product that will actually penetrate to the core of an infested wood member.

Premise 75, Termidor or Green?

Drywood Termite InspectionFavorite products like Termidor and Premise 75 are labeled for use against dry wood termites but provide little penetration to the center portions of a two by 4. When applied to a wood member as a foam the protection is even less. Borate type products such as BoraCare provide the best protection against Western Drywood termites nesting within the wood. This product has proven to be superior at killings and preventing Drywood termites in existing structures. When correctly applied BoraCare provides long-term protection and acts as a wood preservative.

A new infestation caught early and isolated to one area may not require a chemical application. Just removing the infested wood and ensuring the abutting wood is clean is all that is needed. Homeowners are advised to treat replacement wood as a precaution.

Drywood Termite Inspection 

Western Drywood Termites Kick holeOwners are encouraged if they suspect dry wood termites to find a professional familiar with all types of termites in Arizona and get an inspection. If nothing is found treatment is not advised. Yearly inspections are. If Drywood termites are found, have a professional inspect your entire property to determine all areas of infestation and appropriately identify the invading species. This information will help in determining the proper treatment method. Order a free Drywood termite inspection online here. For more details about dry wood termite treatment, Phoenix Arizona services give us a call. We can help. Termite Control. #1 Drywood Termite Control Phoenix Service – Bills Pest Termite Control.

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Drywood Termite Treatment Phoenix Arizona
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Drywood Termite Treatment Phoenix Arizona

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