The Best Drywood Termite Treatment Options in Phoenix Az

Best Drywood Termite Treatment Options Phoenix Az – Got Dry wood termites? We can help with our Drywood Termite Treatment options. Bills Pest Termite Control is Arizona’s Termite Experts. Our proven eradication methods are safe, effective, and affordable. If you have a problem with these critters call us today. The sooner you call, the sooner we can get you on the road to living termite-free. #1 Western Drywood Termite Exterminator.

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Western Drywood Termites are the more common species found in Metropolitan Phoenix. Arizona is home to a dark and light Western Drywood Termites. While both types have been reported throughout the State, Dark Western Drywood termites are usually located in elevations above 4000 feet. Light Western Drywood Termites are more commonly reported in the lower desert regions of Arizona.

Western Drywood termites are considered to be the most destructive species in the southwest. Mature colonies can contain up to 2,000 termites. Severe damage may be caused by the presence of multiple-colonies. Drywood termites are often distributed by human activity, commonly by transporting infested furniture, picture frames, and wood to new areas.

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Light Western Drywood TermitesThis species tends to be secretive. Evidence of their presence may not be visible for at least four years. It’s not uncommon for an infestation to go undetected for years, or even decades. Often the first signs of their presence are the accumulation of fecal pellets. To the untrained eye, the fecal matter may appear to be wood shavings.

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Drywood Termite Treatment PhoenixDrywood Termite Treatment options can range from whole structure fumigations to isolated spot treatments. Each method has advantages and disadvantages. In other words, there is no one “best” Drywood Termite Treatment option. Depending upon the location and severity of the infestation one treatment method can prove to be a better option.

Whole structure fumigation can be expensive. It is a good method for severe infestations that are spread throughout a structure. Other than being expensive, time-consuming, and labor-intensive for preparation and important consideration is non-residual. Proper application can result in eradicating all pests within the structure. After aeration, the home is left with no protection against re-infestation.

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Vault or trailer fumigation is very effective for eradicating these pests from infested wood items and furniture. This service is affordable when compared to whole structure fumigation. This type of service will eradicate all pests when properly performed. After aeration infested items have no protection against re-infestation.

Heat and/or Cold Treatment options can be very effective in eradicating isolated infestations. The cost factor makes this option viable to consumers on a budget. Like any service proper application is important. The downside of this approach is the area is left with no residual protection. Follow up inspections are advised.

Borates have become popular among the Drywood Termite Treatment Options. Borates are natural. While slow working in some instances, the results can provide complete eradication. Borate treatments are affordable and provide long term residual to treated areas.

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Drywood termite treatmentWhen considering Drywood Termite Treatment Options it’s best to find an experienced Drywood termite exterminator. Have them conduct a thorough inspection of the structure. They can conduct an assessment and provide the best options for eradicating Drywood termites.

Bills Pest Termite Control has experts. We provide free inspections and evaluations. If you have a problem with termites call us today. The sooner you call, the sooner we can get you back on the road to living in a pest-free environment.

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Best Drywood Termite Treatment Options Phoenix Az
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  • Best Drywood Termite Treatment Options Phoenix Az

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