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Got termites? Getting termites or merely suspecting you have them can be a real bummer. The worry that termites are destroying your home is only rivaled by the fear of the termite treatment costs to save your home. Few of us budget for the cost of termite treatment services. Termites are not known for being timely or deciding if they are going to invade your home to select a day when the homeowner has extra cash laying around. Like anything else that can go wrong with your home…chances are a termite invasion will occur at the least opportune time.

Termite Treatment Phoenix Az

termite controlNot all Arizona termites are the same and not all will require a termite treatment to your entire home. Even better news is that some species may not need termite control. If you live in the Metro Phoenix area, there are 17 different species of Arizona termites. Arizona termites can invade your home from underground, outside or via flight depending upon the species. Just as termite species can vary…so will the termite treatment methods. Treating the soil around your foundation which is common for some subterranean species will have little if any impact upon Western Dry wood termites that typically invade via flight.

Desert type Arizona termites (Gnathamitermes, Wheeler Termites) that are often seen on wood fences and around tree trunks after recent rain or excess watering and they rarely invade structures. Termite treatment services for these species often only offer temporary relief. Average termite control cost for these species ranges from $50-$300 depending upon the area and frequency of service.

Drywood Termite Control

Termite control methods for Dry wood type termites include simply removing the infested wood, treatment to the infested wood, and tent fumigation. Termite Control cost for removing infested wood is $0.00 when done by the homeowner. Average termite treatment cost for treating infested wood ranges from $150 to $500 depending upon the amount of area needing treatment. The average cost of a termite treatment involving tent fumigation runs $1200-$4000 depending on the square footage of the structure.

Native species subterranean termites (Heterotermes) and Eastern subterranean termites (Reticulitermes) are the more common Arizona termites that invade and damage homes in the Metro Phoenix area. Average termite treatment cost for these species ranges from $336-$1196 depending on the footprint size of the home. Termite Control cost can be figured by measuring the perimeter footage of your home and multiplying by $4.00-$5.00 per linear foot. Termite treatment costs can vary by the exterminator and by the method.

Arizona’s Termite Experts

“Use Caution with below average termite treatment cost quotes.”

Phoenix pest inspectorExterminators offering below average termite control cost proposals save labor and chemical expenses by only treating the outer soft areas of a home. Most subterranean Arizona termites nest under concrete foundations and abutting slabs. Nesting in these regions provide shelter from the desert sun/heat, provide moisture and cooler soil temperature. These areas are conducive to nesting termites and near a much-needed food source, your home! Subterranean termites are physically smaller than other species and have a unique ability to invade a home from underground by navigating through small expansion joints and stress cracks. Treating just the soft areas around the outside foundation has little effect upon termites nesting under abutting slabs or as in most infestations directly under your home.

Best Protection = Yearly Termite Inspection

termite treatmentIf you have termites or suspect you might have them, the first step is to get a free termite inspection from an experienced termite inspector. A good termite inspector familiar with all types of Arizona termites can accurately identify all species of termites found around and inside your home. If termites are found a good termite inspector can determine if a termite treatment is necessary and prescribe a custom service. The termite inspection is free and can be ordered online here or by calling 602.308.4510. Get an exact Cost Termite Treatment today.

Every home in Arizona should be inspected for termites at least once a year including homes recently treated. Besides checking for termites, a good termite inspector can point out areas conducive to infestation and provide advice for correcting these conditions. Homes recently serviced for termites should be checked for re-infestation and evidence of other types of Arizona termites. Termite control services designed for one type of termite offers no protection against infestation by other species.

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average termite treatment costBills Termite Control is your hometown exterminator providing trusted termite treatment services for nearly three decades. Family owned and locally operated we are the termite experts that other exterminators call upon when they encounter an infestation beyond their resources. Bills Termite Control provides free yearly termite inspection services, termite treatment quotes, and second opinions. For more information about Cost, Termite Treatment services give us a call. Cost of Termite Treatment.

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Termite Treatment Cost

Cost of Termite Treatment
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I like Bill’s termite. They have reasonable prices and will come back as much as needed to take care of the termite issues we had. Customer service and technicians are always friendly.
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Cost of Termite Treatment

Our HOA researched several termite extermination companies before selecting Bill's termite. On paper they were not the cheapest. When comparing details they were the best price and value. We got a comprehensive service that accomplished our end goal of no termites. They workers were all professional, friendly and easy to work with. The service was not rushed and they cleaned behind. We recommend Bill's termite!