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When it comes to termite damage…Arizona has a national reputation. That reputation may well be deserved as at least 17 different types thrive in the Phoenix area including the most destructive species found in North America. With so many different types of termites the attack can come from above ground, via flight, be imported, or they can tunnel in from below.

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Commercial Termite Treatment PhoenixEveryday 1000s of unsuspecting home and business owners come under attack. Because of the cryptic nature of many of these species an infestation can go years…or decades before being discovered. Typically the first sign of infestation is when hidden damage becomes visible. Unfortunately termites will not differentiate a business from a home…if it has wood termites will likely attack. The demand for Commercial termite control services in the Phoenix area is healthy.

Every home in Arizona should be inspected at least once a year for termites…so should places of business and commercial properties. Arizona termites do not distinguish residential properties from commercial. If there is cellulose material (wood) available termites will eventually invade. A common misconception is that commercial buildings are primarily block, concrete and/or metal studs which is a deterrent to termites. Arizona termites are resourceful and will attack the paper on drywall, furniture or a wood ceiling 30 feet high when no other opportunities to eat can be found.

Best Protection = Free Inspection

termite control phoenixThe best protection against damage is to have a yearly commercial termite inspection from an experienced exterminator. Consumers should be selective about who they use for the inspection. Most inspectors have the experience to associate dirt tubes constructed along a foundation as evidence of the more common subterranean termites. Few can tell the differences in subterranean termites, distinguish cricket droppings from Western Dry wood fecal pellets, or spot the subtle signs of infestation by less common species.

Depending upon an inexperienced termite inspector can be a recipe for disaster and leave a consumer with a false sense of security. Structures recently treated or with a history of termites should be inspected yearly to ensure the service is still effective and that another species has not invaded.

Termite Treatment Phoenix Az

Commercial Termite TreatmentCommercial properties and places of business present special challenges as tenants and/or employees often do not notice evidence of termite infestation. Active infestations can be hidden by stored items or occurring in areas that see little human traffic.

When an infestation is discovered careful consideration should be given to commercial termite treatment methods and termiticides. Nobody wants their already busy work days interrupted by sound of a rotary hammer pounding concrete or by having to move office furniture. Customers and employees do not want to be in the general area that termiticides are being applied. It takes a true professional with years of experience to know how to effectively eliminate a termite infestation in the safest, most effective method with minimal interruption.

Not all termites are the same. In fact termites come in all sizes, shapes, colors and types. Other than sharing a general classification most species are quite unique. Just as termites are different, so will be the methods necessary to eliminate an infestation. Treating the soil along the foundation of a building provides little, if any protection from Western Dry wood termites that infest exposed wood via flight. That same treatment will do little to stop Damp wood termites or native subterranean termites that tunnel in from underground.

Expert Phoenix Termite Treatment

Before considering any commercial termite treatment services it is important to properly indentify the invading species. Keep in mind that it is not uncommon for more than one species to attack the same structure. By properly indentifying the invading species an experienced exterminator can tailor a service specific to the type of termite(s), construction type of the building and surround environment.

Business and commercial property owners face a magnitude of liabilities everyday and the last thing they want to deal with is exposure to harsh pesticides by their customers and/or employees. Proper identification of the invading species can minimize unnecessary exposure with the use of baits, green products and exclusion techniques. Completely treating a large commercial building can be expensive and unnecessary. Finding a trusted exterminator is a win-win for any commercial property owner.

Termite Inspection Phoenix Az

Phoenix pest inspectorIf your commercial property or place of business gets termites call the experts at Bills Commercial Termite Control service. We can properly identify the infesting species and prescribe a safe effective treatment minimizing disruption and exposure to insecticides. Bills Commercial Termite Treatment Phoenix service will provide a free evaluation of your problem along with a detailed diagram pin-pointing current areas of infestation and areas conducive to future problems. Find out why we are considered Arizona’s Commercial Termite Exterminator.

Not every infestation or commercial structure is the same. Our Commercial termite treatment services are not cookie-cutter methods. We specialize in properly identifying the infesting species of termite and prescribing a treatment that eliminates the current infestation while providing long term protection. If treatment is necessary we can tailor a termite service with flexible treatment options. All commercial termite treatments include our re-treatment warranty…in the unlikely event that termites re-infest…we come back no charge and get rid of ‘em.

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phoenix termite controlBills Termite Control has been a trusted name in Phoenix Commercial Termite Treatment services for over three generations. We will only recommend the necessary services to control or eliminate your infestation. We will not up-sell, recommend any unnecessary service or have any hidden charges. Family owned and locally operated we are the experts that other exterminators call upon when they encounter an infestation beyond their experience. We know Arizona termites!

For more information about commercial termite treatment control services or to schedule a free inspection and evaluation give us a call today. 602.308.4510 #1 Commercial Termite Treatment Phoenix Az.

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