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Get bed bug help todayBest Buckeye Arizona Bed Bug Expert – Discovering bed bugs in your home can be horrifying. Micro size insects puncturing your skin and sucking the blood out of your body while you sleep is a real life nightmare that increasingly plays out every day. Bed bugs are back and back with a vengeance. Calls for Buckeye Arizona bed bug expert exterminator services have never been greater. In fact the demand for bed bug related services was at an all-time high and this year’s pace is up 30%.

“Ignoring a bed bug infestation will only make the problem worse.”

If you travel overnight frequently and/or have overnight guests the odds of getting bed bugs is increased 5 times. Bedbugs are excellent hitchhikers and all it takes is for one of these critters to get into your home or business for the nightmare to begin. International travel has been good for these critters and is believed to be a critical part of their reintroduction to North America. It’s not hard to envision a couple of these critters crawling into the luggage of an unsuspecting traveler in India one morning and slithering out in their Buckeye Arizona home that evening. Within weeks that home will be on the brink of being overrun.

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How do I tell if I have Bed BugsAdult bed bugs are small, appear oval shaped, brownish red in color, look eerily similar to an apple seed with six legs. Juveniles can appear translucent with no color until after their first blood meal. Given their small physical size and flat body they are able to get into small, tight areas. During daylight hours they prefer to stay hidden deep within their nesting areas until after dark. Hours after nightfall they emerge from hiding and seek out a blood meal. Shortly before first light they return to hidden nesting areas. Bed bugs typically nest in and around areas where people frequently rest or sleep. They like to stay within striking distance of their food source.

Unfortunately, Buckeye Arizona residents have not been spared of this nationwide epidemic. The demand for Buckeye Arizona bed bug expert services has never been higher. Even our desert heat is not a deterrent to this pest.

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Before considering any eradication service(s) consumers are best served with a thorough bed bug inspection from a Buckeye Arizona bed bug expert. It’s not uncommon to mistake similar looking insects for bed bugs and spending hard earned money on an unnecessary service stinks. Locating all areas of infestation is critical to achieving complete eradication.

Consumers are advised that getting rid of these insects is not typically a do-it-yourself project. It’s understandable that when these critters are discovered that feeling of nuke ‘em takes over, however using strong pesticides, while it may initially kill some, can make the problem worse while needlessly exposing a household to harsh chemicals. Play it safe and smart with a professional Buckeye Arizona bed bug expert.

Getting rid of this nightmare does not have to be difficult or expensive with service from Arizona’s Pest Control experts.

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Bed Bug Pest ControlBills Pest Control is your hometown Buckeye Arizona bed bug expert. We have years of experience successfully eradicating bed bugs and an array of treatment methods designed to eliminate your infestation immediately. Options include traditional spray, dust, and bait with effective and/or natural products to the use of chemical free heat and cold treatments. Depending upon the type of infestation, surrounding environment and the needs of the customer we can prescribe an effective remedy to your problem.

Our staff understands how horrifying a bed bug infestation can be and will work with you in solving the problem ASAP so you can get back to resting at night in peace without the worry of being attacked. Our services are designed to be safe, effective, and affordable. Most treatments include a renewable warranty so you will have peace of mind knowing that if the problem comes back…we come back. For more information about bed bug pest control Buckeye Az services or to order a FREE INSPECTION give us a call today. The sooner you call, the sooner we can get you back to living in a pest free home.

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