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Bills Pest Termite Control Reviews – Looking for Bills Pest Termite Control Reviews? Check out the Bills Pest Termite Control reviews from actual customers who have shared their experience with Arizona’s hometown exterminator.  Family owned and locally operated we are the experts that other exterminators call upon when they encounter a pest problem beyond their resources.

For over three generations Bills Pest Control has been providing an array of solutions for all types of Arizona pests. As a trusted name in the Valley of the Sun we are Arizona’s go-to-exterminator.

“Arizona’s hometown exterminator is family owned & locally operated.”

A plus Arizona BBBThat trust ensures you will only be offered the necessary services with no hidden fees or up-charges and we guarantee the job will be done right or we will return no-charge.

Our trained service technicians have the experience to properly identify the invading species, know what products should be used and where to apply that product so that you and your family will not be needlessly exposed to harsh chemicals.

If you have bugs…or want to keep from getting overrun…call Arizona’s Pest Control experts…Bills Pest Termite Control @ 602.308.4510. “We’ll treat you like family!”

With service locations throughout the Valley we are just a phone call away.

Most of us live busy lives and often have little time to wander outside after a long days work.  With that in mind it’s easy for a homeowner to miss the signs of an impending bug infestation.  Regular service and/or yearly inspections can provide advance notice and head off a problem.

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by Mckenzie G, Mesa Az on Bills Pest Termite Control
$50 Termite Report

Special thanks to Jon - he is our savior!  Called Bill's Termite when the buyers home inspector reported possible termites.  Possible termites WTH!? Would have been nice to either report yes termites or no.  We decided to call Bill's Termite for an expert opinion.  Sure enough we did not have termites. Spending $50 for a termite report is better than spending $1000's on a treatment that was not needed.

by Mandy S, Phoenix Az on Bills Pest Termite Control
Professional Termite service

Thanks to the crew Paul sent out.  They were hardworking and did an excellent job getting rid of our termites.

by Meagan & Steve K on Bills Pest Termite Control
Mosquito and Mosquitoes are gone!

Ok we've been overrun with Mosquitoes since March.  Nothing worked even other exterminators.  After Mikes service last week we held our breath with hope.  With each passing day and no mosquitoes we have confidence that there is one Phoenix exterminator that knows how to kill these ba$tards. Thanks Bill's Pest we will recommend your service.

Your guys did a good job!

Your guys did a good job and I was very happy that we could get this done so quick! Now I can get rollin’ on the bathroom renovation.Thanks again,Tracy M

by Jason J, Phoenix Az on Blank Business Name
Bills Pest Termite Control

It has been a few years since I had preventative termite protection treatment. I am not seeing any issues at the current time but was under the impression these treatments had to be done every 5 years as told by previous companies. I found Bill's Pest and Termite LLC on the internet and contacted them to get a price estimate. When I explained my situation, they said while they would be happy to give me a quote, they didn't think any treatment was necessary unless an active problem was identified, and offered to come for a free inspection. This morning, Lisa, from the company (17 years experience) spent one hour inspecting my home, having a thorough discussion with me, and basically said there isn't a strong reason to spend the money now for any prevention. She suggested I have them come out once a year for a free inspection, and then when there are any issues, treat them at that time. While I suspect there are different opinions on this, I was very impressed with her honesty and willingness to come to my house and spend one hour, with NO expected payments of any kind. For what's it's worth, their active treatment and prevention costs were much cheaper than other companies I contacted. I will be using this company in future!

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