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Best Termite Treatment Companies Phoenix Az – Getting termites in Arizona is easy. They seem to randomly invade homes across the valley daily. Getting rid of them can seem easy when you hire the right termite control company. Looking for the Best Termite Treatment Companies in Phoenix Arizona? Bills Termite Treatment Company is your hometown exterminator and Arizona’s Termite Experts.  We provided safe, effective eradication services that are designed to eliminate the problem immediately. We can put you back on the road to living bug-free.

If you have a termite problem or merely suspect a problem give us a call ASAP. We will send a qualified inspector out to thoroughly examine your property for FREE. If we discover a problem our inspector will complete a detailed diagram showing problem areas. If you don’t have a termite problem and/or we will not recommend unnecessary services. Find out why we are Arizona’s #1 Termite Treatment Company.

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Best Termite Treatment Company

So you discovered you have termites and want to find the best termite treatment companies in Phoenix? Being a homeowner is important, and you want to make the best decision(s) to protect your investment.  Termites can damage a home and impact the resale value so finding the right termite exterminator is critical.

Because of the cryptic nature of many of the species found in Arizona, infestations can go undetected for years leaving homeowners with hidden structural damage.

Not all termite treatment companies in the Phoenix area are equal.  Several hundred exterminators are licensed by the state of Arizona to perform termite treatment services.  In reality, most of the licensed termite companies do little termite work on a daily basis. Finding the best may seem like more of a challenge than it really is.

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Simply paying for a termite treatment can leave a homeowner with a false sense of security if the job is not done right. Consumers are cautioned against making a decision based solely upon price.  Many exterminators offer partial or ineffective spot treatments at low prices to generate sales.  Other exterminators make sales pitches with 5-15 year warranties with hidden fine print and use products that are lucky to provide 1-3 years of residual protection.

Best Termite Treatment Companies Phoenix Az

The biggest expense when providing termite treatments is the chemical cost.  The average home may require several hundred dollars in chemical cost when properly treated.  Exterminators looking to save money will reduce chemical costs by not applying proper amounts and/or diluting the mixture rate.  Diluted mixture rates will reduce the long-term effectiveness of the product(s).  Other companies will choose cheaper products that provide limited effectiveness.

Prior to treatment homeowners should inquire as to what product will be used, why, how much, and where it will be applied.  Additionally, most “high-end” products lose their effectiveness when mixed with other products.  Experienced termite exterminators have separate service vehicles for pest and termite control.

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Another expense is labor.  Typically, most service technicians get their initial experience and training from large national companies.  Eventually, better technicians are attracted to a local termite control company that provides better pay and working conditions.

Proper identification is a key ingredient to successful termite eradication.  Not all termites are the same.  Arizona is home to at least 17 different species.  Depending upon the species they can invade your home via flight, from above ground, under your home, and/or be imported within infested wood products.  Effective treatment methods will vary by species.  A treatment designed to eliminate “flying termites” infesting wood in your home will have little if any impact on subterranean termites building tubes up your stem wall.

Best Termite Company in Phoenix

best termite treatment company phoenix azFew Phoenix area termite companies can identify and effectively treat all types of Arizona termites.  It takes a trained and experienced exterminator to detect the subtle signs of infestation left by many of our less common types of termites.

Hiring the best exterminator using the most effective termiticide does not ensure total elimination unless the application is precise, complete, and thorough.  Multiple colonies of Heterotermes often attack a home from various locations at the same time.  The average lot in the Phoenix area can support 15-30 different colonies.  This species usually nests under a home’s foundation or abutting slabs entering from outside along the foundation, via stress cracks and expansion joints.  Establishing a continuous barrier around the outside perimeter, treating (drilling) under abutting slabs and the foundation is the only proven method of eliminating this species.  No drill, soft area, or outside only treatments can leave a homeowner with a false sense of security while hidden termite colonies continue to feast.

Armed with this knowledge consumers can make the best choice when seeking termite treatment services for their home or business.

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Quick Checklist for finding the Best Termite Company in Phoenix:

  • Check to see if they are licensed for termite work @
  • Check the Arizona Better Business Bureau for complaint history
  • Google the company name followed by reviews
  • Check review sites like Yelp, Kudzu, Yahoo, and Google places

bills pest termite controlWhen you select a termite company let them know how you found their service and advise you will be leaving a review.  Good exterminators concerned about their reputation generally go that extra step to ensure their customer is taken care of and will encourage reviews. For more information about the best termite treatment companies give us a call or text us 24/7 at 602.786.7386. Find out why Bills Termite Exterminator Company is rated 5-Star.

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