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Get bed bug help todayBed Bugs Scottsdale Az – Stop the menace today with Bed Bugs Scottsdale Az exterminator service from the experts.  Bills Pest Termite Control provides affordable eradication services.  We can eliminate bed bugs and their unhatched eggs.  Call us today and we can get you back on the road to sleeping in a pest free home.

“Scottsdale bed bugs are rarely seen and only come out every 5-10 days to feed on the blood of sleeping humans.”

Bed bugs in Scottsdale Az are gross and live off the blood of sleeping humans. They should be a concern for Scottsdale residents, especially those who travel and may be found in 5-Star resorts, hotels, movie theaters, nursing homes, airplanes, cruise ships and many other places humans sleep or rest. Bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers and can be brought unknowingly into your home in clothing or luggage.   Most Scottsdale infestations are associated with recent travel both domestic and international.

Concerned consumers are advised to re-evaluate the type of luggage used for travel and check with hotels to see if they have a history of bed bugs and/or whether they practice preventative methods.

Scottsdale Bed Bug ExpertAdult bed bugs are small, reddish brown in color and difficult to see.  They are nocturnal choosing to stay hidden during daylight hours.  Because of their small and flat body style they can stay well hidden. At night they are attracted away from nesting areas to the body heat and/or carbon dioxide exported from humans.  They pierce the skin and inject saliva which contains anesthetics and anticoagulants into the host which often make their bites painless initially. After feeding for several minutes, bedbugs will retreat to their hiding place. They tend to feed every 5-10 days.

If you have these critters it’s best to call a professional ASAP as a small infestation can get out of hand in no time. One female can lay 1-5 eggs per day until they produce about 200 eggs. The eggs may hatch in 6-10 days in warm weather or heated buildings. Nymphs emerge, and try to find a blood meal. When they do, they will go through five life stages before becoming adults. This usually takes about 35-48 days. The adults may survive for long periods of time in empty houses, waiting for their favorite meal—humans. Well-fed adults may live up to a year and a half.

bed bug inspection scottsdale azBed Bugs Scottsdale Az treatment methods can vary from one Scottsdale exterminator to another.  Liquid treatment or the spraying of pesticides can be effective if the proper product is used and gets to nesting areas.  Bedbugs are small and nesting areas are often difficult to find and get to.  Another drawback is the risk of exposure to harsh pesticides is high for consumers and pesticides will not stop new hatching from eggs.  Multiple services are necessary to ensure complete eradication.

Experienced Scottsdale Bed Bug exterminators prefer to use heat treatments as they provide a one shot kill all approach and the disruption to consumers is minimal. Bills Pest Control provides heat treatment services to consumer who prefer a discreet and safe eradication of bed bugs. For more information about bed bug pest control Scottsdale Az give us a call today.  It may only take one service to get back to getting a good nights rest.

For more information about bed bugs Scottsdale Az exterminator services give us a call today.  We can help! Don’t delay, the problem will continue to get worse.  The sooner you call, the sooner we can get you back on the road to sleeping in peace in a pest free home. Bed Bugs Exterminator Scottsdale Az.

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