Bed Bugs in the Phoenix area

Get bed bug help todayBed Bugs in the Phoenix Area – Bed Bugs in the Phoenix area are oval shaped, flat, dark to reddish brown and about the size of an apple seed.  Like all types of beetles, they have six legs which allow them to scurry or climb. They are wingless. Adults have the vestiges of wings called wing pads, but they do not fully develop into functional wings. New born bed bugs are small, translucent and often difficult to see with the naked eye.  Juveniles go from clear to a darker brownish red after their first blood meal.

Note: Their flat shape enables them to readily hide in most cracks and crevices.

Bed bugs in the Phoenix area can be confused with their cousins Carpet Beetles and a few other pests found in Arizona.  Before considering any pest control options it’s best to get a proper identification of the target pest.

Note: Proper identification is critical to elimination.

Bed bugs in the Phoenix area are unlike most pest problems in Arizona.  This pest is a game changer.  Being comfortable and able to rest in our home is critical to well-being.  The emotional scars can last a life-time.  Consumers are best served attacking an infestation at the first inkling of a problem.

Note: This pest should not be taken lightly.

Like most insects bed bugs prefer to nest in and around their food source – humans. We locate most nests between the mattress and box spring near the upper corner nearest the head of the victims.  Bed bugs hide in the joints of furniture, wall outlets, and linens when they sense activity and movement, then attack when their hosts are at rest. Once they are done feeding, they retreat to their hiding places. Nesting areas can easily be identified by the presence of fecal matter, discarded skins, eggs and live insects.

For the most part bed bugs in the Phoenix area are nocturnal.  However, when large infestations are found feeding can occur around the clock.  Additionally, we find that late shift workers who sleep during the day often come under attack.  Other than these exceptions peak feeding time for this pest is between midnight and 5am.

During non-feeding times this pest will nest in cracks, crevices, under mattresses, in box springs, behind pictures and just about any area that provides harborage near their food source.

Bedbugs are not attracted to dirt and grime; they are attracted to warmth, blood and carbon dioxide.  We find this pest in all types of homes, apartments, hotels and motels.  Cleanliness and social barriers have no meaning to infestations.

When bed bugs sense a sleeping person nearby they emerge form hiding and feed on your blood. The bites do not transmit diseases like mosquito. Although a new report about bed bugs found that they could transmit Chagas disease just like their cousins, kissing bugs. The worst part about them are the bites, which can be painful and itchy.

Just as people are different, reactions to bites from this pest can range from nothing to extreme itching and pain.

Note: Bed bug bites can be painful.

Most infestations of bed bugs in the Phoenix area start with one or two bugs.  A common factor is overnight travel, or entertaining overnight guests.  Given the short life cycle of this pest it does not take long for an infestation to establish and grow. When regular meals are available the infestation can blow out of proportion seemingly overnight.  Warm weather found in the Phoenix area is conducive to rapid reproduction.

Once a female has mated, she can lay eggs for her entire life without contact with another male. The mated female bed bug will often leave the nest and create a new nesting area.

Mated females can lay up to five eggs per day, and more than 500 eggs in her lifetime.  The eggs hatch after about ten days. What emerges is a tiny, translucent bed bug capable of feeding immediately.  The speed of their growth is dependent on the supply of food. The bed bugs will grow slower with less food, and faster with more. With enough food the population can explode to thousands of individual bugs in months.

Note: One or two bugs can = 1000’s soon.

What to look for bed bugs in the Phoenix area: Bed Bugs. Dead or alive. Discarded skins. Check seams of mattress. Musty odor, like an almond type smell. Small black ink stain looking spots (fecal matter) on sheets, pillowcases, walls, window blinds, curtains, seams of the mattress/box spring or on walls and ceiling.

Sometimes there is no visible evidence, even if a bed bug infestation is present.

Note: Got bedbugs? Call Bill’s ASAP!

If you have, or suspect a problem with bed bugs in the Phoenix area call us immediately.  We can dispatch an expert to confirm if you have a problem.  If we discover a problem we can leave a customized quote for service based upon the type of infestation and needs of the customer.  Most services include a renewable warranty and/or optional monthly service so you can have peace of mind. Bed Bug Extermination Phoenix Az.

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Bed Bugs in the Phoenix area
  • Bed Bugs in the Phoenix Area


Bill’s Pest Control has been our go-to-exterminator that handles bed bug problems in our rental units.  They have getting rid of bed bugs down to a science.

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Bed Bugs in the Phoenix Area

Thanks to Mike and his crew the bed bugs are gone and we still have enough $$$ left over to head to Laughlin this weekend.