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Bed Bug Pest Control in Arizona

Stop the menace today with expert Bed Bugs Pest Control services from Bills Pest Termite Control.  We kill bugs for a living.  Family owned and locally operated we provide bed bug eradication services throughout Metro Phoenix Arizona.  Our services are safe, effective and affordable.  We are the experts that can get you back to sleeping in peace.  If you have a problem with bed bugs call today.

“Is there anything worse than discovering bugs in your bed sucking your blood?” 

Just the thought of bed bugs crawling in your bed and sucking blood out of your body while you sleep is creepy.  Worse yet is discovering the little blood suckers in your home.  When they are discovered your whole life is put on hold until they are completely eradicated.  Finding the best bed bugs pest control service that is not going to break the bank suddenly becomes a priority.

Fortunately you landed on the page of Arizona’s pest control experts.  We have the experience and training to completely eradicate your infestation with just one service.  Not all bed bugs pest control exterminators are the same.  Not all treatment methods are the same nor will they provide the same results.

Many bed bug pest control techniques present some potential safety issues. Pay attention to these issues when choosing the right exterminator and treatment method.

Bed Bug Removal Phoenix AzThe use of pesticides requires finding a product that is labeled specifically for use on the critters.  Consumers are best served when they are aware of what product(s) will be used in their home and precisely where.  Since the little buggers nest in and around areas that humans sleep/rest the risk of exposure is high.

Application is key…even the best and/or safest product is of little value if it does not get on the bugs.  When using pesticide sprays the exterminator must be precise and pay special attention to detail.  Killing 99% of the adults is not good enough as the remaining critter(s) can reproduce rapidly.

Another concern is the eggs.  Even if the eggs are located and a spray application is made few products will penetrate and/or stop the little blood suckers from hatching.  Killing 100% of the adults and missing a couple of eggs is a recipe for re-infestation within weeks.

Heat treatment can be a very effective means to bed bug pest control. Residents can kill bed bugs using heat produced by the clothes dryer, portable heat chamber or heat treatment service. Professional exterminators can treat an entire residence, but care must be taken to ensure that it is done properly.  Effective heat treatment does not require the use of harsh chemicals so the risk of exposure is minimized.

Temperatures of at least 125 degrees are needed to kill adults.  Simply reaching that threshold is not enough.  The temperature must be maintained and areas that the little critters can avoid the heat must be properly addressed.

Phoenix Bed Bug ExpertThe downside of heat treatments is that they do not provide any residual protection against re-infestation.  Typically this is not an issue unless the consumers is continuously exposed to bed bugs at other locations.

Although cold temperatures can kill bed bugs, this technique may require specialized equipment and knowledge. Home freezers do not usually get cold enough to kill the bugs. Bed bugs can go dormant and appear dead for days and then become active again once they are warm.

Other techniques, such as the use of carbon dioxide (or dry ice), have their limitations and often are most effective as components of a more comprehensive bed bug control plan. There may also be some safety concerns with these uses, depending on the applicator.  Like registered pesticide applications, these treatments have the potential to damage materials and may pose risks to humans and animals.  Treatments as seemingly innocuous as carbon dioxide can be fatal if applied incorrectly.

Placing infested furniture and/or mattresses in freezers is effective in eradicating bed bugs.

For more information about bed bugs pest control services or to get a free inspection and evaluation give us a call. The sooner you call the sooner you can get back to sleeping well at night.

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