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Bed Bug Pest Control in Arizona - Bed Bug Treatment CostBest Bed Bug Treatment Cost Phoenix Az – Got bed bugs? Need a Phoenix bed bug exterminator? Wondering what a Phoenix bed bug treatment cost is?  We can help today!  Getting rid of bed bugs does not have to be expensive. It does not have to be time-consuming and a hassle. Get affordable Phoenix bed bug treatment services today from Arizona’s Bed Bug Experts – Bills Pest Control.  Our award-winning services are safe, effective and affordable.  Most services include a renewable warranty so you will have peace of mind.  #1 Phoenix Bed Bug Treatment Cost – Bills Pest Termite Control.

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bills pest termite control phoenix az logoIf you are having a problem with bed bugs give us a call now – 602.308.4510. Bill’s Pest Control provides free bed bug inspections, evaluations, and second opinions. Our services are safe, effective and affordable.  Your call can put you on the road to getting your life back and living pest-free.

After your call, we can dispatch a trained expert for free to evaluate your infestation.  We kill bed bugs dead! Our Phoenix bed bug exterminator services are safe, effective and affordable. Don’t let the bugs steal your peace of mind. The sooner you call, the sooner we can put you back on the road to living pest-free.

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Phoenix bed bugsBills Pest Control provides an array of treatment options designed to immediately eradicate bed bug infestations.  We offer no-chemical options using heat or cold, along with conventional sprays using natural products.

Bed bug treatment cost Phoenix can vary depending upon the type of treatment and areas needing service.  Typically, heat and/or cold treatments are more expensive as they are labor-intensive and require expensive equipment.  Conventional liquid treatments are often more cost-effective.  Fumigation type treatments are usually the most expensive option.

Inspections and evaluations are always free.  Typical residual spray services can run as little as $150.  Heat treatments typically start at $396 and go up by square footage and the number of rooms to be serviced.

Affordable Bed Bug Treatment Cost

bed bug pest control phoenix azConsumers are cautioned to avoid selecting service options on bed bug treatment cost alone.  The most expensive treatment is not always the best choice. Bed Bug Spray Phoenix Az. Given the nature of bed bugs, consumers are best getting a warranty and/or ongoing service agreement.  Bed bugs can lay dormant for long periods of time. It’s not uncommon for infestations to reappear months after eradication.

Professional Bed Bug Exterminators have many treatment options when it comes to eradicating this pest.  When properly performed, a fumigation type treatment can provide a 100% kill.  That is good news.  The not so good news is this type of treatment can be expensive. An average size Phoenix home will cost +$2000.  Additionally, preparation for this type of service is extensive, will require occupants to vacate for a few days and does not provide any residual protection against re-infestation.

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Pest Control trained techniciansHeat treatments are labor-intensive and require expensive equipment.  An average size Phoenix home will cost +$1000.  Preparation is critical to success.  A properly performed heat treatment is not guaranteed to provide a 100% kill.  Additionally, heat treatment does not provide residual protection against re-infestation.  Fail rates can make this method a roll-of-the-dice option.

Traditional liquid type treatments can run $150-$1200 for an average size Phoenix home.  In order to be successful, this type of treatment requires attention to detail and choosing the appropriate products.  In other words, the application is critical.

heat pest control for powder post beetlesCold treatments, when properly performed can provide a 100% kill.  An average-size home can run $150-$1500.  Like heat treatments, this method does not provide residual protection.

Bed bug treatment cost is an important part of selecting the right exterminator to eradicate.  Choosing the right treatment method and finding an experienced Phoenix bed bug exterminator is as important.  For more information about the Phoenix area bed bug treatment cost give us a call today.

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Randy H via NextDoor

After three failed attempts to get rid of our bed bugs we were looking for an affordable bed bug treatment cost. Jon from Bill’s arrived on time and quickly discovered why the other three exterminators failed. After a thorough inspection Jon explained the service and why it would work. The next day Anthony and Jeremy arrived and went to work. Four hours later we got back into our home. Anthony and Jeremy did a great job servicing and cleaned up. There was no strong odors and the service cost was reasonable. It’s been six months since our last check up and we have been bug free. Two of the other exterminators sold us expensive heat treatments that seemed to work for about two weeks. The third exterminator just sprayed chemicals everywhere and made us sick to our stomachs. We could have bought a new car for what we paid the first three exterminators. Bill’s treatment cost was 1/3rd cheaper and the most effective.

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by Phoenix Residential LLC via Yahoo on Bills Pest Termite Control
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For the last 7 years we have relied upon the experts @ Bill's Pest Control to fumigate our properties for bed bugs. The price is fair and the service fantastic.

by Allis Property Management on Bills Pest Termite Control
Bed Bug Treatment Exterminator

If you have to deal with bed bugs hire Bill's Pest Control. They are very good at getting rid of the little monsters. We have them service our properties in Arizona

by Olsen W on Bills Pest Termite Control
Bed Bug Treatment Cost Phoenix Arizona

Great Service I have so many good things to day but will keep it short and sweet. The bugs are gone and we are happy.