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Bed Bug Pest Control in ArizonaBest Bed Bug Pest Control Glendale Az  – Got Bed Bugs? WE CAN HELP TODAY! Get expert Bed Bug Pest Control Glendale Az from your hometown Glendale exterminator – Bills Pest Termite Control.  Our services are safe, effective and affordable. Call today for a free inspection and/or evaluation. Kill all the bugs today and stop the nightmare! #1 Bed Bug Pest Control Glendale – Bills Pest Termite Control.

“Glendale Arizona has seen a dramatic increase in calls for bed bug control services.”

As you may already know or have heard, bed bugs have become a major concern across the United States including right here in Glendale Arizona. Calls for bed bug exterminator services are up over 30% over last year’s record pace. They’re making headlines in newspapers, magazines, TV, and radio. Bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers and have no boundaries. They cross all social and economic lines.

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Phoenix bed bugsUnfortunately, Glendale Az has not been immune to the wave of increased bed bug infestations. Exterminators across the west valley have been working hard to stay on top of the problem. Getting rid of these micro-sized bloodsuckers does not have to be difficult nor expensive.

While the average service call is to a residential home it’s not uncommon to find infestations in movie theaters, hospitals, care centers, five-star resorts, hotels, airplanes, boats, motels, waiting rooms, and semi tractor-trailers. Just about any place that people sleep or rest on a consistent basis can be infested.

The earlier an infestation is detected the easier and quicker it can be eliminated. As the infestation grows it will spread with insects seeking new food sources. Multi-unit housing can be a nightmare with infestations spreading throughout a structure and requiring a precise and ongoing treatment to effectively eliminate a problem.

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Depending upon the severity of the infestation bed bug pest control services can be effective and affordable. Before starting any bedbug service it’s best to start with a thorough inspection. Properly identifying the invading species and locating all areas of an infestation is critical to eliminating the problem and providing long term protection.

Bills Pest Control is your hometown Glendale Arizona bed bug exterminator. We provide expert analysis and treatment for all types of these critters. Our assortment of treatment methods can provide instant relief and long term protection. Most Bed bug services include a warranty and follow up service so you have peace of mind.

For more information about bed bug pest control services in Glendale, or to order a free inspection and evaluation give us a call today.

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Got back from Mexico and found bed bugs in our luggage. Called Bill’s and Jon was at my house within the hour.  We heat treated the luggage and the bedroom.  The price was reasonable and the service was professional.

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