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Get bed bug help todayBed Bug Extermination Phoenix Az – Chances are you stumbled across this page while doing research about bed bug extermination Phoenix Az and you have or know someone with a problem. Unfortunately you are not alone. We receive several calls a day from consumers with a problem. Many are at wits end and want the nightmare to end. These calls lead us to upscale homes, resorts, movie theaters, hospitals, care centers, motels, resorts, airports and just about any place imaginable.

The demand for bed bug extermination services has skyrocketed and the epidemic shows no signs of slowing down.

Phoenix Bed Bug ExpertBed Bugs are not picky…if they find steady meals of blood they will live anywhere people are found. These little monsters are excellent hitchhikers with the ability to catch a ride on a piece of luggage and travel from one end of the planet to another in no time.

Getting rid of these critters is not for the faint of heart nor is it a do-it-yourself project. Using the wrong products can make the problem worse. It will also make it more difficult for a professional exterminator to get the job done right. These pests are sophisticated and will give off an alarm pheromone when they come under attack. Nearby bugs sense the alarm, go into survival mode and scatter.

If and when a problem is detected extermination methods must be swift and precise. Adult females can produce upwards of 200 eggs in a year with new hatchings every 1-3 weeks. What seems like a small infestation can be overwhelming in no time.

Effective bed bug extermination methods in Phoenix Az can include the use of heat, cold and/or chemical applications. All three methods must include exclusion methods, like encasements on mattresses and box springs. Sealing and/or eliminating nesting areas helps provide long term relief.

Kill Bed BugsFollow up inspections with glue board monitoring are essential to ensuring the treatment continues to be effective and alerts consumers to re-infestation. Effective eradication is a four step process starting with a thorough inspection, followed by an application, exclusion, and ending with an inspection/monitoring service. Skipping and/or minimizing any of these steps are a recipe for disaster.

Prior to starting any eradication service(s) it’s important to thoroughly inspect the entire structure. Subsequent services should also include an inspection.

Treatment methods will vary based upon the location(s), length and severity of infestation. Unfortunately successful eradication methods are not cookie-cutter services. Consumers looking for complete and immediate eradication should follow detailed preparations given to them by a professional exterminator.

For more information about bed bug extermination Phoenix Az services or to schedule a free inspection give us a call today. We specialize in Bed Bug detection and elimination. Don’t delay, the bugs will not go away and the sooner you call, the sooner we can get you back on the road to a PEST FREE home.

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