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Arizona Termite Treatment – Bills Pest Termite Control is your hometown exterminator and experts at Arizona Termite Treatment services.  If you have a problem with termites we can help.  Our services are safe, effective and affordable.

Got termites? Need an Arizona termite treatment? If you live in Arizona chances are that you will be answering yes to both sooner rather than later. Termites are the most destructive insects in North America. They cause more damage to homes than fire, flooding and natural causes combined. Consumers in Arizona spend upwards of a billion dollars a year on termite services and repairs.

The purpose of any Arizona termite treatment is to eradicate the critters and provide long term protection against re-infestation. To the average homeowner termites are dangerous bugs that eat the wood holding a structure together. While that may be partially true, it’s important to understand that there are different types of termites and not all will be a threat to your home. Additionally, since they are so different effective treatment methods must be specific to the type being treated.

“Consumers spend more than a billion dollars a year on termite services and damage repairs.”

Arizona, considered the termite capital of the United States is home to at least 17 different species of this micro size wood eaters. A home can be invaded from underground, above ground, via flight or unknowingly brought inside hidden within infested items such as furniture.

Proper identification of the invading species is critical to selecting the best treatment method. Without proper identification a consumer can waste $1000s of dollars and needlessly expose a household to 100s of gallons in harsh chemicals.

Consumers should be aware that not all exterminators are equal. In fact not all exterminators are experienced and/or licensed to deal with termites. Even more frightening is that few termite exterminators have the training and/or expertise to tell the difference in the many types of these insects. The majority of termite exterminators are familiar with the more common subterranean termites such as Heterotermes, however few are able to detect the subtle signs of infestation from less common species.

Bills Pest Termite Control is your hometown exterminator and your Arizona termite treatment experts. We provide safe, effective and affordable services designed to eliminate current infestations while providing long term protection. If you have or suspect a problem with termites call us today. We can send an experienced termite inspector out to thoroughly inspect your property. If you have the critters we can let you know. We are also happy to give consumers the go news – no termites. Additionally our inspectors can point out conditions around your property that may be conducive to future infestation. Often correcting these conditions can be enough to keep the critters away.

If we detect termites our inspectors will prepare a custom termite treatment service specific to the type of invaders, construction style of the home, surrounding environment and special needs of the consumer. Most services include a renewable warranty so our customers have peace of mind knowing that if the critters come back, we come back.

For more information about Arizona termite treatment services or to order a free inspection give us a call today 602.308.4510.

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