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Order Termite ReportArizona Termite Inspection – Get an Arizona Termite Inspection from Arizona’s Termite Experts today.  We provide free yearly inspections for concerned homeowners, termite inspection reports for the purchase of real estate and free second opinions.  Call us today to order your inspection.

“Not all types of Arizona termites build mud tubes.”

Need an Arizona termite inspection? Bill’s Pest Termite Control is Arizona’s termite experts providing free yearly inspections and inspection reports for the sale or purchase of a structure.

Arizona has a nationwide reputation concerning termites and the damage they can inflict. More than 17 species of termites can be found and our mild weather makes conditions for termite infestation ideal. Experienced exterminators recommend that every home in Arizona be inspected at least once a year including homes recently treated for termites.

If you’re considering buying a home in Arizona it would be wise to invest into a termite inspection report prior to committing to purchase. Arizona termite inspection reports can provide notice if the home has a current and/or past problem. It can also advise of conditions conducive to future infestation and the presence of termite related damage.

Not all termite species are the same, nor is their habits. It’s important to properly identify the infesting species prior to prescribing a service to eliminate termites. Western Drywood termites are airborne and infest a home via flight, while our native species subterranean termites attack from the soil. Treatments designed to eliminate Western Dry wood termites have little, if any impact upon subterranean termites. Servicing for desert termites is generally stop-gap and requires periodic follow up service(s).

It’s important that you select an inspector familiar with all types of termites found in Arizona. Most inspectors are familiar with the more common subterranean termites and how to detect their presence. Few inspectors have experience with the Drywood or Dampwood termites found in Arizona. An inexperienced inspector can miss a termite infestation and the resulting damage.

Bill’s Arizona Termite Inspection service has been a trusted name in termite control for nearly three decades. Our inspectors are experienced and able to detect all species of termites found in Arizona. Bill’s provides safe, effective termite control for your home or business at affordable rates. Bill’s is Arizona’s Termite Experts! For more information about Arizona termite inspection reports or services give us a call.

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