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Order Termite ReportArizona Termite Inspection Report – Get an Arizona Termite Inspection Report from Bills Pest Termite Control – Arizona’s Termite Experts.  Our inspectors have the training and experience to detect all types of wood destroying pests.  If you need a report for the sale or purchase of real estate in Arizona don’t compromise call the experts!

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“Getting a termite report before considering the purchase of any property in Arizona should be considered a no-brainer.” 

bills pest termite control phoenix az logoNeed an Arizona termite inspection report? We can help! Call today to schedule your inspection.  We will dispatch an experience termite exterminator to complete a thorough inspection.  Upon completion you will receive the three page State of Arizona approved WDIIR inspection report.  Most inspections are $50 when paid the day of inspection.

It’s no big secret that termites are a threat to structures across the Grand Canyon State. In fact the threat is so real that consumers spend billions of dollars every year for termite related services, inspections and damage repairs.

Consumers are best served reviewing an Arizona termite inspection report before considering the purchase of any structure.

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Signs of termites in Phoenix ArizonaNot all termites are the same and other than sharing an appetite for wood each species is unique. The little wood munchers come in all sizes, shapes and colors.  While most exterminators are familiar with the sight of mud tunnels on a foundation and equate that to termites, few have the experience/training to recognize the subtle signs of infestation left by less common types.  Hiring a run of the mill exterminator to complete a termite inspection report in Arizona can be a recipe for disaster.

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phoenix termite controlA thorough a termite inspection report in Arizona should list evidence of infestation both current and past.  Additionally the report should list evidence of past service(s), conditions conducive to future infestation and damage resulting from wood destroying insects.

Prospective buyers should order the termite inspection report within 10 days of receiving an acceptance of their offer to purchase.  The sooner the better. While most inspections can be completed within a day or two it is advisable to leave enough time for re-inspections and requests for additional information.

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termite inspection reportIf evidence of infestation is noted buyers can request the seller service the infestation and provide a warranty. Whether infestation is noted or not consumers are best served having yearly inspections by an experienced exterminator.  Often consumers are left with a false sense of security when a home is serviced for the wood eating critters. Treatment service(s) for one species of termite does not always provide protection against infestation by other types.

Bills Pest Termite Control is your hometown exterminator and Arizona’s termite experts. We provide complete termite services including inspections and eradication.  All termite inspection report services include a warranty so you have peace of mind that if termites infest within 30 days of your purchase we will service at no charge.  Inspection reports for real estate transactions usually run $50-$65 for average size structures. Bills Pest Termite Control also provides free second opinions and evaluations.

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